Last E-mail

This week was GREAT.
We had district conference and we got to watch the broadcast of the Christmas devotional. It was SWEET. Wasn’t the part of that video they showed just AWESOME?? Yeah. It was. I loved it.

Cool moment:
One of the missionary couples (The Shaners) in our mission came to the district conference and sister Shaner knows sign language so she was translating for this one deaf member sitting on the front row. The only problem was that half of the talks were in tagalog and sister Shaner doesn’t speak tagalog so one of the Elders went to sit by sister Shaner and first translate from tagalog to English so that sister Shaner could do the sign language for this girl.

I don’t know why, but it just really touched me. All of that work and translation just so that one girl could receive the messages at district conference. It made me think of how our Heavenly father is always trying to communicate with us and help us to receive His messages. He uses Prophets, the scriptures, the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and even other people.
He really cares that we have that communication and guidance from Him! I am so grateful for prayer and all of the other wonderful means we have to communicate with and stay close to our Heavenly Father and savior in our journey here on earth! We are truly never alone or without guidance!

Well…I don’t know if you realized but this is my last e-mail home to you. Just incase you forgot, I will be arriving in Salt Lake City this coming Friday. I know you’re gonna be really sad to see me, but don’t worry, I have gifts. Be happy.
But seriously, can you believe it? Im coming home now?

This has been the best experience of my whole life. I cannot even explain the things I have learned and how much my testimony has grown. I know now more than I ever have before that this is Christ’s one true church on the earth. Obedience to His commandments is the only way to happiness. Repentance is real. It was made possible by the atonement of our Savior. His love is eternal. This life is a period of testing and trial. This life is a gift. We can become like our Heavenly Father and His son if we are willing to sacrifice and put off the natural man. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It truly is that Iron rod that will lead us safely back to our Heavenly Father. I love the Book of Mormon. I feel the spirit strongly each time I read and ponder its messages. I stand in awe at the miracles that have been performed by faith. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that we can receive personal revelation in this day. He will continue to perform miracles if we have faith in Him and do His will.

Let us continue on our journey back to Him with greater faith and a heart willing to do whatever is required of us!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support and love and PRAYERS. I have certainly felt it throughout my mission. I love you all deeply and will see you soon!
Sister Webre

p.s. the picture was taken after conference. These women are faithful Relief society members here in Cauayan!


Did you know that Sister Jenny Webre returns home from her mission in the Philippines next friday?! That's right. Less than two weeks!!!

So her second to last letter was a short one, but here is what she wrote:

I am gettting SOOOOO excited to see you! Seriously. It's pretty much only a week until I go to the mission home for the farewell fireside. INSANE! 

I will miss being a missionary for sure, but I feel like I have served a good mission and I am ready to come home.

This week I spoke in a youth fireside and the theme was "Christmas all over the world". I talked about some of the common american traditions and then traditions in our family. Then at the end I talked about how we act out the story of the saviors birth from Luke 2 and how that is what Christmas is really about! No matter what your culture is, and what your Christmas traditions are, that fact is universal! Christmas is about CHRIST! I am so grateful for this wonderful time of year to feel the giving and loving spirit of Christ. more e-mail after this one! 
See you soon
Love you

sister webre

Rizal, Nico, Shoes

We did exchanges in Rizal (my old area) and I got to be companions with sister villamor again and teach all of our recent converts!!! It was like a dream!! They love me so much, I don't know why but it makes me so happy. I seriously never knew I could feel so much joy and love, my heart is just bursting.

We had a baptism last week. Nico Tuliao. (17 yrs old) He lives with his aunts and uncles here in our branch and they are all members. He is a cool kid. Before we taught him, he had never really prayed before. It was neat to see the change in him and watch him learn!

17 months and my shoes finally GAVE UP THE GHOST. Actually, they have had holes in them for awhile but I kept wearing them because they don't have other shoes my size here....I bought another pair that was two small and they got destroyed in about 4 weeks. So now i'm back to wearing the pair that have a smaller hole. Hehehe! The only problem is when it is raining and wet and muddy, It definitely gets my feet really dirty and I have to wash them every time before we go inside peoples house! But only 2 more weeks....I can make it!!!

Um...what else? Probably alot. Sorry if you don't understand the pictures. I;ll explain them all to you when i get home.
Hehehe....everyone has their own paper chain! That rocks!!
You only miss me because I'm gone right?

Well thats all for now.
Gotta go
I'll work on looking for wood carvers.
Love you! so much!!

Sister Webre


Hey, it's been a great week!

A lot of our investigators have been seriously reading the book of mormon and you know what that means! They are being converted!
The Book of Mormon is so magical. I can't explain it, but when people read it..something happens to them. They find the answers to the questions they never could answer before. They feel the SPIRIT. It is AMAZING. Without the book of mormon, I could not do this missionary work! It would be impossible.
So there you have it!

Read the book of mormon and feel the magic.

And you know what else?
People matter.
People matter, and not much else does.
But sometimes we focus a little too much on THINGS. That is something I have been thinking about lately. You know? One of our main goals lately has been “teaching people, not lessons”. By that we mean, teaching is more than just talking and telling. We have to teach each individual, find out what they think and feel, who they are and how this message relates to them personally. We have to CARE about THEM, and not just about delivering our message.
It’s like, Duh! Right? But it’s a lot harder sometimes than you might think. I always try to remember “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. So TRUE!
So remember to care a little bit more about people and a lot less about things.

I am extremely grateful for all of you and your support.
I have the BEST FAMILY in the WHOLE WORLD! I am of course grateful for the gospel and for all of the blessing that have flowed into my life because of it.
I have SO MANY blessing….I could count to 1,000 and more!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you take time to count your blessings!

Love sister webre

P.S. If anyone wants anything specific from the Philippines, you need to tell me this week so I can get it! Thanks.


A day late, but we got an e-mail after all.

From Jenny:

I didn't email yesterday because we went to Banaue
Checkit out!

This week I got SICK.
It was the first time I have been vomit sick here in the mission. I was throwing up all night on wednesday and had the runs. It was no fun, but now I am doing much better. 

We also got to speak in sacrament meeting on sunday. I talked about how members can be missionaries by 1-being an example 2- friendship  3- sharing testimony
Members should always be praying about WHO they can prepare for the missionaries and then begin their plans in preparing those people. We should always be preparing some one in some way!

I have realized a lot of things on the mission about how things SHOULD work in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. It is quite incredible. 
I think visit teaching and home teaching is one of the MOST INSPIRED programs in the whole church. If members used it as intended, it would strengthen each ward and stake enormously.

If you think about our baptismal covenant (mosiah 18:8-10) visiting/home teaching is one of the best ways we can fulfill that covenant. Its genious. And I want to say thanks, mom, because you have always been such a WONDERFUL example of what a visiting teacher should be. It's a lifetime calling and it means so much more than just a visit once a month.

Well anyway, I guess I'll get off that soapbox now!

I WENT TO BANAUE RICE TERRACES! Aren't they gorgeous? They are not man made. I think they are one of the world wonders honestly. someday i will bring you all back and you can see them yourself.

So, we found a new couple when we were tracting a couple weeks ago. Lenny and Javen Ray Luy. They are AWESOME. They are in their early 20s and have one baby. Lenny is already in 2nd Nephi, isn't that incredible? She has only been reading for 2 weeks. And she  totally remembers what she reads, she tells us about all the stories and stuff. She LOVES it and it makes us SO happy!

Well, I guess thats all for now.
Love you all.
Have a great week

sister webre

No Email

No e-mail from Jenny this week. I don't know about you but this is about how I feel.


This week we totally celebrated halloween as you can see from my pictures. Don't we look great?
Actually I was bummed because we never actually got a chance to hang out at the cemetary. Halloween here is kind of like memorial day for us except that they actually take food and stuff to the cemetary and have a fiesta. I took some pictures so you can see what their cemetaries look like. Some of the graves are stacked like 7 high. It's crazy. 
I included a picture of a hand out that sister carlos gave us a while ago. You should try doing it, it is really really cool. When we pray with specific questions and then search for the answers in the scriptures, we will find them!! It is the miracle of revelation and a testimony of God's love!
Sister Carlos (mission presidents wife) called us friday morning and said she wanted to work with us. It was awesome. I love it when she comes with us because even though she has to speak english, her testimony is so strong and it always brings the spirit so powerfully. Even if they can't understand everything she says, they've got to FEEL something in their hearts when she testifies. It's also neat to have her with us to testify, because she is a convert so she can relate to these investigators having once been one herself. 
She took a picture of us teaching Nico, who will be baptized on the 19 of this month. She also took a picture of us at a members store. They sell BBQ at night and it is super good. We eat there every once in a while. 
I have adjusted to the GO-GO-GO schedule and am usually not tired anymore if I drink plenty of water.
So....the work is going fine. We are focusing on working with our branch members and leaders right now. We have been feeling like we're on different teams and so we are really trying to create unity and coordinate effectively with them to make the work progress much better!
It's awesome!

Have a fabulous week!
I love you!
Be good!
Sister webre

Happy Halloween

They do celebrate Halloween here but not the way we do it in the states. Their Halloween is called "All saints day" or "Fiesta of the dead" and everybody goes to the cemetary and they clean up around the graves of their dead. They also paint on the tombstones and they light candles and they bring food and stuff. I'll send you pictures next week.
There are a few people who dress up in costumes I guess, but only if there is a special party. They don't wear costumes to the cemetary.
I got the Sorensen's package this week, thank you so much! I was seriously WAY excited when I saw that it was just stuffed with fruit leather and the sugared almonds! You guys ROCK!! Thanks for thinking of me. Happy Halloween!
This week we did exchanges in the very farthest area north in our mission. I think one of the best parts of being the sisters trainer is that I get to spend time with each sister and get to know their story. I ask them how they were converted and why they decided to serve a mission. One of the sisters we split with last week is Indian and another is Pakistani. Way cool, right? Yeah, they didn't get to learn tagalog in the MTC because they just came here to the MTC in Manila. I admire them SOO much for serving missions. They are both really struggling with the language, but they still just talk to everyone, they aren't scared at all or shy because they cant speak the language very well. They have such sweet testimonies and a strong desire to serve.
Another sister we did splits with was converted about 4 years ago. She told us that before she got baptized she was a chain smoker/alchoholic who loved her coffee. It was so sweet to hear her story.

I told my companion this week in our weekly planning session that I generally feel really stressed out all the time and I constantly think and worry a lot. Sometimes it is hard for me to feel peace because I'm always evaluating and finding everything I am lacking or doing wrong or all the negative things that happen. 
So I made a new goal to BE MORE POSITIVE and MORE GRATEFUL. It is hard to do. But I think I am slowly changing my mindset and I am able to feel more peace and realize that my service is accepted by the Lord, even though it isn't perfect. That is really the beauty of the atonement isn't it? Our efforts will never be enough, we need Christ's grace to lift us the rest of the way.
It is wonderful to take some time at the end of the day and just ponder on all the blessings I have been given and the tender mercies of the day. I like to think about my blessing as much as possible through out the entire days activities because you know its true,  a grateful heart is a happy heart!!
We are still just working hard, studying like crazy and teaching filipinos every day. It's still really hot most of the time but sometimes it rains. I like that. Except for when it rains on sunday morning. I always just want to cry when it rains on sunday morning because almost NO ONE comes to church, not even members.
And on sunny sundays, we have to bolt to the door way as soon as the amen of the closing prayer is said because everybody tries to LEAVE after sacrament meeting. We just stand at the exit of the chapel and shake everyones hands and tell them there are two more hours before church is over. I just want to hold my arms out and block their way and say"NO YOU CANT GO HOME YET! IT'S NOT OVER!" Haha...
I told sister certicio that it would be ideal if it was sunny weather until 10 minutes before sacrament meeting ends. Then let the rain pour so that people are stuck inside! Hahaha! Just joking but kindof serious at the same time.
Well........Its time to get going.
sister webre

The Highlights

It's been a good week.
This is what happened:
Robert San Jose got baptized.
We met Cherry, a mother of two young children,  who was totally excited to find out that there is another book of scripture and is way excited to study it.
I gained a new perspective on red lights. (It used to annoy me to have to stop and wait for a red light in traffic, but now I've realized what a great opportunity it is to have that time to share the gospel with our tricycle driver)
We went to Roxas this week for exchanges, it's neat how much you LEARN by teaching.
Played some volleyball and basketball. (Just this morning)
I got Grandma Halladays letter with 10 dollars in it! Woohoo! (Thanks grandma)
Well I guess those were the highlights.
The family we are teaching is giving us a hard time. They don't like coming to church yet very much, and sometimes aren't very good about reading the book of mormon. But I know they'll come around.
Keep praying for us.
Thank you all so much!
The church is true!
This is a great and marvelous work!
Keep fighting
I love you
sister webre

Merry Christmas!

guess what?!?! You know the ward I just came from in my old area-- the Rizal ward that I LOVE? Rizal ward is part of Santiago stake and they had their stake conference yesterday. The stake was divided and they created Santiago 2nd stake because there were 10 priesthood that were advanced to the Melchizedek priesthood from the Rizal ward that were all converted while I was serving there. Isn't that INCREDIBLE?!?!? Oh my heavens, I wish I could have been there to see them all stand up and be sustained.
Because they created a new stake in Santiago, two Elders from the 1st quorom of the seventy came here to our mission this week. Elder Brent Nielson and Elder Ian Ardern. Elder Ardern is the one with the sweet accent that just spoke in conference about how we use our time. He is from New Zealand.
Anyway, they came and taught us on Friday night and it was AMAZING. Everything they taught us was SO inspired, we all learned a ton. One of their topics was how we all must CHANGE. Read Mosiah 27:25.  It isn't enough to read the scriptures, to pray every day and go to church every week if we keep doing the same things we've always done and we don't learn to act and to change.
They started playing christmas music and putting up christmas lights last month, so it makes me feel like I'm coming home soon.
I have now done two different exchanges with the sister missionaries. The first one was in an area called maddela and the travel is 4 hours one way. I totally don't feel like I should be training these sisters because I still feel so new. I felt pretty nervous about that first exchange because I didn't really know what I was doing and how I could help the sister I was with, but I found that I really was able to give her some new ideas and help her identify some places she could improve. It was fun.
Last week we split in an area only an hour away and it also went well. I think I'm really going to like this because I get to share all the things I have learned throughout my mission with other sisters! And I get to visit all the areas in the mission that I wasn't assigned to! Yeah!

Well, I guess that is all I have time for now. Love you all so much! 
Love, sister webre

We're running low on support money so we had to go with the "budget cookies" this morning.
HAHA! Isn't it great? They have budget cookies here!


Another week has passed.

The highlight of the week was definitley conference.
I am always amazed at how we always hear talks about prayer and scripture study, such simple and basic topics, and even after my 22 years of hearing those messages over and over, I have still not been able to perfect myself in those areas. I know that they are THAT important and that is why we hear it over and over.

All of the messages were absolutely marvelous but I especially liked Pres. Eyrings talk (always a favorite) and also the messages by Ian S. Arden  (that delicious accent might have something to do with it, but I really did love his message about how we spend our time. I think that subject is incresingly important to us. -"we should be as quick to kneel as we are to text") and Carl B. Cook. The message to "look up" is so simple but profound. We tend to worry or think negatively when we are experiening problems, and in the proccess we forget that we should be looking to the one who can and will always help us.

That's what I feel about the work here much of the time. Many people here truly are very poor and they experience so much trial and hardship. It is so amazing that we are able to offer them the gospel, which is truly the only thing that can help them. It is the only solution, the only way that they can still experience peace and happiness and recieve God's blessings even while experiencing such hardship.
It makes me so sad when people don't accept the gospel because as a result they are not able to recieve those blessings. I wish I could impress upon each of them, that they would understand that they could have a much happier life if they would only come unto Christ and follow His teachings.

In our visits to less-active members, we hear many excuses why they are not coming to church, praying, or reading their scriptures. No matter what the excuse, we lovingly tell them that there is simply NO excuse that is good enough for the Lord. And not only that, but when they explain that they haven't been coming to church because of financial or other problems, I feel so sad that they have given up the thing that would have help cure their problems.

I wish they could understand that the quitting of paying of tithing and church attendance it is like putting salt in their own wounds. The commandments are, as president monson said, not suggestions but they are commandments. And they are not to hinder or restrict us, but to protect and heal us.

How great is our God, He truly does have all wisdom and His plan is perfect in every way. Yet how often do we think we know better and try to do things our own way? This was also mentioned in conference. I hope and pray that I can better align my will with the Father and be more humble so that I don't get in the way of becoming who He would have me be.

The two talks toward the end also really inspired me, the talks about teaching by the spirit and the message that was specifically for missionaries. Teaching IS so much more than talking or telling, if there is one thing I have learned here, it is that.
The messages from conference will be a guide to all of us for the next six months and the rest of our lives. I know that all of us have weaknesses and we can always improve. Isn't that beautiful? I am thrilled at the thought that my progression will never end, even in the next life. I think it is super exciting.

Lets have an AMAZING new week with the spiritual armor we have been given
yours truly
sister webre
p.s. In the picture, the american on my left is sister Pence and this is her very First time eating pizza here in the PHILS. (She has been here for a year now, so thats kindof a big deal)

Happy Conference Time

Yeah.... I haven't watched it yet...
But we will be watching the broadcast this weekend and I am SO EXCITED!!!
Hey now, don't get too excited yet about making plans for our reunion. But don't worry, you will each have sufficient time to spend with me, no need to fight. I wont be looking for a job until after the holidays are over. :)
So now for the good stuff.
Transfers came and went. My new companion is Sister Certicio. She has been about 5 months in the mission. This is her second area. She is quiet, but from what I can tell so far she will be a good missionary. We played volleyball this morning and she rocked it.
Sister Eveland was hanging out with us ever since transfers on friday because her parents couldn't get here until this morning. But now she is with them and I know they have plans to go visit her old areas and Banaue Rice Terraces and if the weather stays good, even go to the CEBU temple. Pretty sweet right. I'm jealous. I want to go to the temple. Any temple.
There were two really bad storms this last week that took out our power for the majority of the week. Word is, there is another storm coming this wednesday. Fun stuff! They always have a good heads-up about the storms, so we just wait it out, safe in our apartment.
So now I am the new sister's trainer, and the other sister's trainer is in a different area. We get together every week and do splits with the sister missionaries in the whole mission, depending on who needs us the most. We help to train them and make sure that they are doing good. It will be a fun twist to the normal missionary work because I'll get to visit a bunch of different areas, even if just for a day.
We are teaching a handful of young men ages 17-19 in various places and situations. They are all showing a ton of potential and really progressing. It makes me so excited because I can already see them in a white shirt and tie and a name tag. Future missionaries!! It is so fun watching them progress, gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and make changes in their lives.
I will try and send a picture of the family we are teaching. Dad and Mom are still being stubborn about coming to church, but I am determined to witness their baptism before I go home. This is the Carig Family. Ricky, Mina, Rizza(19), Raissa(16), RJ(15), Rose Ann(10), Richmond(6)
Let us all walk the talk this week and show Heavenly Father that he can trust us
Jesus Christ lives, and He never stops reaching out His hands to save us and help us
sister webre

The Weekly

 Hello there!
We had zone conference this week and it was GREAT! The focus was on becoming a preach my gospel missionary, which means, teaching by the spirit among many other things.
One thing we focused on was that teaching is more than just talking or telling. We practiced doing some role plays where we really had to observe the investigator, listen to them, and discern what it really was that they needed to hear, or what their need or concern was.
It was a good reminder to me, that I need to be more careful about not getting caught up in the delivery of the message--but make sure that I am really teaching PEOPLE and not just teaching LESSONS. I am really striving to become more and more proficient in the language of the spirit and develop my listening skills!!!

We got an early Christmas present!
Each companionship now has their own dvd player and the Preach My Gospel DVD's. Can you believe it? I couldn't believe it! Its so awesome! Is that a world-wide thing? Anyway, its too bad that I'm nearing the end of my mission...I only get to use it for a few months.
OhYEAH, I forgot to tell you that I got your package last week. Thank you! I have been slowly working on the M&Ms and have almost finished off the fiber one bars! And I have plenty to share!

On saturday we made another trip to the "bukid" or rice fields. This time we got to see their machine that separates the actual rice from its stalk (I'm calling it a stalk, for lack of a better word) We even dressed up like the Filipinos do when they work in the rice fields. It was great fun and REALLY muddy.

The work is going just fine, we are still teaching that one family I told you about. Dad is being kind of difficult, but I fully believe he will change if we are patient and have FAITH!  This family is our focus right now. It have really been focusing on sharing my testimony about how the gospel strengthens and blesses families. I never understood how much the gospel plays a role in family happiness and unity until I came here and saw so many families without the gospel, and how different their lives are. Only in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints do we see families pray together read scriptures together, all go to church together, set aside one night a week to be together, and help each other to live the high standards that we uphold. It is such a testimony builder to me to realize that all of those things are the foundation of what our family is and why we have so much happiness and so many blessings. Even though we still have problems and trials, the gospel makes it so much easier to cope and gives us hope in all times that we can always find a solution.
WE ARE SO BLESSED!! We have what everyone needs! We need to share this gospel!

My companion is going home in two days. Actually she isn't going home in two days because her parents are coming here to pick her up... but I am getting a new companion on Thursday!
So you'll hear all about that next week.

Love you all so much, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
Remember your covenants!

sister webre

Pray for the Carig Family

These are mostly recent converts from Rizal
We had a small photo shoot after the farewell party and they all lined up to get an individual shot! ha!

8315- Ryan Cauilan, 6yrs old-- from my first family converted
8294- Raymundo, one of our recent converts...we are still working on his wife and other kids
8295- Lucio, our hard-core investigator with a heart of gold--still waiting for clearance from 1st presidency to be baptized
8296--Susan, a member who works with us almost every day. SHE IS AMAZING
8297- This is often the setting where we teach investigators, that is Renato, one of our recent converts
8301- Flor and her husband have baptismal dates for October. They are the funniest, sweetest old couple EVER
8309- Jecca, 9yrs old--member
8313- Marlyn is one of our recent converts and is preparing to serve a mission

In answer to your questions... 
I'm starting to feel a little better
Hard work is good medicine
So is scripture study and prayer!

I've gotten to see some of the people we baptized when I was here earlier this year, and there are also some of my old investigators that got baptized while I was gone, but I was never really that close to them. Its still kinda cool though. Some of our old investigators are STILL our investigators, so that's kinda fun too.

We are the MOST excited about a family we recently started teaching. They are SUPER cute. They have 6 kids from ages 21 to 6. The last name is Carig. They have been pretty receptive so far, and i just have  good feeling about them.
They were really hesitant to commit to come to church, but they said they would try and we told them we would come and pick them up. Sunday morning we got a text from one of the daughters and she told us that only she and the other kids would be coming, her parents wouldn't be able to make it. The dad is a tricycle driver and she said that he left for work early that morning.
Well we decided to go there anyway and pick them up like we said and see if we could talk the parents into coming. Mom was worried because she didn't have a skirt, but we told her she could wear pants so she decided to come. We were even surprised to see that Dad was back and was helping to get the kids all ready to go. He said we would drive us all in his tricycle. 

Sister Eveland and I were just PUMPED. We were sooo happy that they were all really coming to church. 
When we got to the parking lot, Dad told us he was just going to go pick up their neighbors (they are members and his relatives) and he would come right back. 
Well........he didn't come back. How rude, right? We were so bummed about it, we had our hopes so high and then he crushed them. Anyway, don't worry, I'm sure they will all come to church next time--we are going to teach them tonight. Dad is kindof a jokester, but he always listens and answers questions sincerely when we teach their family. Pray for the Carig family! 

So thats the story for the week.
My companion is great. She goes home next week, but she doesn't act trunky at all, she is still going strong and works hard, which I am SOO GRATEFUL for. She also went to BYU- Idaho before the mission and will be returning there when she gets back.

Oh yeah, one last story I forgot...
President Carlos planned to go the baptism of the Abalos family (a family I taught in Rizal, my old area) and he asked me if I wanted to go with them. Of course I was so surprised and I said YES, I WOULD LOVE TO!! And so I did. Its only about an hour from cauayan. 

Boy were those members surprised to see me. And I got to have a little crying party all over again. I just love them so much...It was just a dream to be there again with them and see the baptism of the Abalos family and they were SOO HAPPY that I was there too. That was sister Abalos's only request, that I be in their baptism picture--she was so sad when she found out i was being transferred, that I wouldn't be in their picture for their baptism. HA! Request granted. They are so sweet to me, they would hardly let me leave when it was all over, they just swarmed around me and asked when I was coming back.
There are still about 15 more investigators that we taught in Rizal that will be getting baptized in the next month or two. Two of them are families. I wish I could go to all of their baptisms but I know I can't. 

Well, the gospel is true. It sounds cliche, but serving a mission is the best thing i have EVER done. I can't believe how blessed I have been, I just feel SO grateful to be a part of this incredible work. 
HOpe you all have a GREAT week!! When you are having a hard time or you feel confused about your purpose in life, just go back to basics. Pray first, with all the sincerity of your heart and then search the scriptures. Serve some one else in some small way! It will bring you joy, I promise. I LOVE YOU!

Continue fighting
sister webre

P.S. The two people in that picture with me are from rizal as well. They are going to be baptized next month. They have a MIRACLE story. Sister was a die-hard catholic before and Brother went from coming home drunk every night, to now--he hasn't had a drink for over 3 weeks and they are both coming to church. yeah! People really CAN change. Only the true gospel of Jesus Christ can make a person do that. Alma 31:5

P.P.S. I'm jealous of your peaches and icecream