Happy Conference Time

Yeah.... I haven't watched it yet...
But we will be watching the broadcast this weekend and I am SO EXCITED!!!
Hey now, don't get too excited yet about making plans for our reunion. But don't worry, you will each have sufficient time to spend with me, no need to fight. I wont be looking for a job until after the holidays are over. :)
So now for the good stuff.
Transfers came and went. My new companion is Sister Certicio. She has been about 5 months in the mission. This is her second area. She is quiet, but from what I can tell so far she will be a good missionary. We played volleyball this morning and she rocked it.
Sister Eveland was hanging out with us ever since transfers on friday because her parents couldn't get here until this morning. But now she is with them and I know they have plans to go visit her old areas and Banaue Rice Terraces and if the weather stays good, even go to the CEBU temple. Pretty sweet right. I'm jealous. I want to go to the temple. Any temple.
There were two really bad storms this last week that took out our power for the majority of the week. Word is, there is another storm coming this wednesday. Fun stuff! They always have a good heads-up about the storms, so we just wait it out, safe in our apartment.
So now I am the new sister's trainer, and the other sister's trainer is in a different area. We get together every week and do splits with the sister missionaries in the whole mission, depending on who needs us the most. We help to train them and make sure that they are doing good. It will be a fun twist to the normal missionary work because I'll get to visit a bunch of different areas, even if just for a day.
We are teaching a handful of young men ages 17-19 in various places and situations. They are all showing a ton of potential and really progressing. It makes me so excited because I can already see them in a white shirt and tie and a name tag. Future missionaries!! It is so fun watching them progress, gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and make changes in their lives.
I will try and send a picture of the family we are teaching. Dad and Mom are still being stubborn about coming to church, but I am determined to witness their baptism before I go home. This is the Carig Family. Ricky, Mina, Rizza(19), Raissa(16), RJ(15), Rose Ann(10), Richmond(6)
Let us all walk the talk this week and show Heavenly Father that he can trust us
Jesus Christ lives, and He never stops reaching out His hands to save us and help us
sister webre


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