Another week has passed.

The highlight of the week was definitley conference.
I am always amazed at how we always hear talks about prayer and scripture study, such simple and basic topics, and even after my 22 years of hearing those messages over and over, I have still not been able to perfect myself in those areas. I know that they are THAT important and that is why we hear it over and over.

All of the messages were absolutely marvelous but I especially liked Pres. Eyrings talk (always a favorite) and also the messages by Ian S. Arden  (that delicious accent might have something to do with it, but I really did love his message about how we spend our time. I think that subject is incresingly important to us. -"we should be as quick to kneel as we are to text") and Carl B. Cook. The message to "look up" is so simple but profound. We tend to worry or think negatively when we are experiening problems, and in the proccess we forget that we should be looking to the one who can and will always help us.

That's what I feel about the work here much of the time. Many people here truly are very poor and they experience so much trial and hardship. It is so amazing that we are able to offer them the gospel, which is truly the only thing that can help them. It is the only solution, the only way that they can still experience peace and happiness and recieve God's blessings even while experiencing such hardship.
It makes me so sad when people don't accept the gospel because as a result they are not able to recieve those blessings. I wish I could impress upon each of them, that they would understand that they could have a much happier life if they would only come unto Christ and follow His teachings.

In our visits to less-active members, we hear many excuses why they are not coming to church, praying, or reading their scriptures. No matter what the excuse, we lovingly tell them that there is simply NO excuse that is good enough for the Lord. And not only that, but when they explain that they haven't been coming to church because of financial or other problems, I feel so sad that they have given up the thing that would have help cure their problems.

I wish they could understand that the quitting of paying of tithing and church attendance it is like putting salt in their own wounds. The commandments are, as president monson said, not suggestions but they are commandments. And they are not to hinder or restrict us, but to protect and heal us.

How great is our God, He truly does have all wisdom and His plan is perfect in every way. Yet how often do we think we know better and try to do things our own way? This was also mentioned in conference. I hope and pray that I can better align my will with the Father and be more humble so that I don't get in the way of becoming who He would have me be.

The two talks toward the end also really inspired me, the talks about teaching by the spirit and the message that was specifically for missionaries. Teaching IS so much more than talking or telling, if there is one thing I have learned here, it is that.
The messages from conference will be a guide to all of us for the next six months and the rest of our lives. I know that all of us have weaknesses and we can always improve. Isn't that beautiful? I am thrilled at the thought that my progression will never end, even in the next life. I think it is super exciting.

Lets have an AMAZING new week with the spiritual armor we have been given
yours truly
sister webre
p.s. In the picture, the american on my left is sister Pence and this is her very First time eating pizza here in the PHILS. (She has been here for a year now, so thats kindof a big deal)


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