Last E-mail

This week was GREAT.
We had district conference and we got to watch the broadcast of the Christmas devotional. It was SWEET. Wasn’t the part of that video they showed just AWESOME?? Yeah. It was. I loved it.

Cool moment:
One of the missionary couples (The Shaners) in our mission came to the district conference and sister Shaner knows sign language so she was translating for this one deaf member sitting on the front row. The only problem was that half of the talks were in tagalog and sister Shaner doesn’t speak tagalog so one of the Elders went to sit by sister Shaner and first translate from tagalog to English so that sister Shaner could do the sign language for this girl.

I don’t know why, but it just really touched me. All of that work and translation just so that one girl could receive the messages at district conference. It made me think of how our Heavenly father is always trying to communicate with us and help us to receive His messages. He uses Prophets, the scriptures, the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and even other people.
He really cares that we have that communication and guidance from Him! I am so grateful for prayer and all of the other wonderful means we have to communicate with and stay close to our Heavenly Father and savior in our journey here on earth! We are truly never alone or without guidance!

Well…I don’t know if you realized but this is my last e-mail home to you. Just incase you forgot, I will be arriving in Salt Lake City this coming Friday. I know you’re gonna be really sad to see me, but don’t worry, I have gifts. Be happy.
But seriously, can you believe it? Im coming home now?

This has been the best experience of my whole life. I cannot even explain the things I have learned and how much my testimony has grown. I know now more than I ever have before that this is Christ’s one true church on the earth. Obedience to His commandments is the only way to happiness. Repentance is real. It was made possible by the atonement of our Savior. His love is eternal. This life is a period of testing and trial. This life is a gift. We can become like our Heavenly Father and His son if we are willing to sacrifice and put off the natural man. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It truly is that Iron rod that will lead us safely back to our Heavenly Father. I love the Book of Mormon. I feel the spirit strongly each time I read and ponder its messages. I stand in awe at the miracles that have been performed by faith. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that we can receive personal revelation in this day. He will continue to perform miracles if we have faith in Him and do His will.

Let us continue on our journey back to Him with greater faith and a heart willing to do whatever is required of us!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your support and love and PRAYERS. I have certainly felt it throughout my mission. I love you all deeply and will see you soon!
Sister Webre

p.s. the picture was taken after conference. These women are faithful Relief society members here in Cauayan!


Did you know that Sister Jenny Webre returns home from her mission in the Philippines next friday?! That's right. Less than two weeks!!!

So her second to last letter was a short one, but here is what she wrote:

I am gettting SOOOOO excited to see you! Seriously. It's pretty much only a week until I go to the mission home for the farewell fireside. INSANE! 

I will miss being a missionary for sure, but I feel like I have served a good mission and I am ready to come home.

This week I spoke in a youth fireside and the theme was "Christmas all over the world". I talked about some of the common american traditions and then traditions in our family. Then at the end I talked about how we act out the story of the saviors birth from Luke 2 and how that is what Christmas is really about! No matter what your culture is, and what your Christmas traditions are, that fact is universal! Christmas is about CHRIST! I am so grateful for this wonderful time of year to feel the giving and loving spirit of Christ. more e-mail after this one! 
See you soon
Love you

sister webre

Rizal, Nico, Shoes

We did exchanges in Rizal (my old area) and I got to be companions with sister villamor again and teach all of our recent converts!!! It was like a dream!! They love me so much, I don't know why but it makes me so happy. I seriously never knew I could feel so much joy and love, my heart is just bursting.

We had a baptism last week. Nico Tuliao. (17 yrs old) He lives with his aunts and uncles here in our branch and they are all members. He is a cool kid. Before we taught him, he had never really prayed before. It was neat to see the change in him and watch him learn!

17 months and my shoes finally GAVE UP THE GHOST. Actually, they have had holes in them for awhile but I kept wearing them because they don't have other shoes my size here....I bought another pair that was two small and they got destroyed in about 4 weeks. So now i'm back to wearing the pair that have a smaller hole. Hehehe! The only problem is when it is raining and wet and muddy, It definitely gets my feet really dirty and I have to wash them every time before we go inside peoples house! But only 2 more weeks....I can make it!!!

Um...what else? Probably alot. Sorry if you don't understand the pictures. I;ll explain them all to you when i get home.
Hehehe....everyone has their own paper chain! That rocks!!
You only miss me because I'm gone right?

Well thats all for now.
Gotta go
I'll work on looking for wood carvers.
Love you! so much!!

Sister Webre