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Sister Taylor Swift

We don't watch conference until next weekend because we are ahead so the schedule gets off.
I am so excited! We will just go to the stake center and watch it on a big screen.
Snow showing sounds fun, I am so there next time!

Too bad dad canceled my card because the member had it the whole time and just barely gave it back to sister stewart. But thanks for getting on that and I'm sure it will get here soon.
I am POSITIVE I will get the two packages I have been waiting on tomorrow so don't you worry! I get my mail slower now that I'm not right at the mission home all the time..
Sorry my space bar is terrible I have to slam it down to get it to work so this is gonna be a short e-mail!

So I learned how to french braid from sister Martinez (finally) and now I can french braid my own hair! woo hoo! An easy doo!
I hope you like the pictures of my new apartment. It is REALLY small, but it is still nice.  I cant sit straight on the toilet because my knees hit the wall. I have to sit sideways! Good times.

I curled my hair for the very first time so far on the mission. I curled it for chloe, the bishops daughter because she is obsessed with taylor swift and they have been teasing her to no end that "taylor swift" is the new missionary in Rizal. (I'll take that as a compliment!) She said "yeah, but her hair isn't curly!" So I curled it just for her. It would have been fun to sing/play her a song if I knew any. the bishops wife feeds us every friday night.

Well it was a good week.We had 4 investigators at church and we met some cool new families last week. more about that next week!
Love you all so much! Have a fabulous week

Fight Satan
Love sister Webre