I feel like my e-mail time goes by in two seconds.
The good news is that I got your package mom, And I got lots of mail. There was quite the drought there for a while.I think I was too spoiled in the MTc getting mail every day and packages everyweek. I got letters from Jill, Elder Jarvie, S. Tillmann, mandy, mom, grandma and dad. Thanks to all! I only get my mail every Tuesday at district meeting. I haven't yet actually recieved my package, the Zone Leaders have it.
they just informed me that they had the package on the floor and the ants attacked t. So I'm not sure what is in there, but I'm sure it's delicious. Those sugar ants are topnotch scouts!

One of my favorite momets this week: A lady walks by and says to me "You are soo byootiful!" (gotta imagine the accent) Then sister valdoz (after the lady was out of ear shot) says "Yes, but she has LICE!"
I don't know why, It was just funny. People say that to me every day (that i am beautiful) and I'm sure Sister. Valdoz gets tired of it.
Actually I do have lice. Discoverd it saturday. Tried to get rid of it sat night but it really likes me head alot. So It's quite the nuisance really because i have to wash everything, in hot water but there is no hot water, so I have to boil a pan of water at a time and then wash by hand. It is great. And hopefully eventually we can get it all out of my hair. Pray for me.

My wardrobe has been suffering but the good new s is that I had some dresses made for me for 10 $ each and I'm going to pick them up now. HOpefully they turned out! Pretty sweet how cheap it is to get stuff tailor made here.

Love you all
Love being a missionary
More about the work next time

Love Sister Webre

Galing Sa Pusa

Kamusta PO!

Another week gone!
Time never stops or slows down, does it? And what we do with that time is up to us! I know that it has been a struggle for me my whole life to live in the moment. Especially when the moments aren't super hunky dory. But I am really striving to make the most of every minute of every day and not waste a minute. Time is so precious.

There is nothing worse than taking a look at your life and realizing that you are only living for yourself or, that you are at a standstill, that you are no better today than yesterday or even last month or year.

I'm trying to have more regular self-evalutations to make sure that I don't look back on life and find that I haven't become what God intended me to be, that I haven't become what I really want to be--that is--to be like Jesus Christ, my Savior.

Each day I can do something different, something better, because of the things I learned yesterday. 2 Ne 28:30 Line upon line is the Lords way of teaching us. Here a little, and there a little--but constant and consistent changes-- until our conversion is complete and we are as He is.
So, as for your questions mom, I am always hot, yes. I don't think I can say I am used to it, but you just learn to live with it and smile. My only real complaint is that It makes me super tired. I think it is because I am dehydrated. I know I should probably drink more, but as dad would say "it all comes out in the end". We are away from our apartment for 7 hours and who knows what kind of bathrooms will be available? But I guess its part of the adventure right. Okay I'll drink more. And report my adventures next week! It rains. It comes on quickly, rains hard, and leaves just as quickly usually. ONce we were caught in the rain for an hour though. It is glorious. I don't know if it is appropriate for me to accidently get soaked in the rain? My companion thinks I'm crazy, I only use my umbrella for the sun. The nights cool off a little, but not a whole lot. Church is fun. We usually have about 60 attend. The building is really small. I will send pictures next week.

We got to work in the bukid this week. It was a service project for an investigator. We said that we would help them in the bukid saturday so that they would be able to attend church sunday. (work is their excuse for not attending chuch) Well, they still didn't come. Oh well, no effort is wasted. I want this family to accept the gospel so badly! They have 4 boys, age19, 21, 23, 25. They are so cute! And super nice. But they aren't keeping any of their commitments so far. : ( Why does no one keep their commitments?!? I'll keep you posted.

One funny moment: Puso is heart. Pusa is cat. I was talking about prayer and I meant to say: "The most important thing is that it comes from the heart" but i said "galing sa pusa" instead of "galing sa puso". As soon as it came out of my mouth I knew it was wrong and I quickly corrected it, but everyone got a pretty good laugh out of it. Coming from cat. tee hee.

The mission so far has been a challenge, certainly. It has been difficult, no doubt. I have felt very inadequate and underqualified to be the Lords servant in this way. I have felt like giving up at times. But each time I re-commit myself because I know who I am, and I know God's plan. And as I press on He gives me strength. If we bring our all to the table, if we are willing to make sacrifices, the Lord always comes through with His promised blessings. I know that.

I am so grateful for these experiences. Sometimes I feel like I am recieving much more than I am giving. The Lord is teaching me so much. I am also teaching, but it sure seems like I am learning heaps more than others are learning from me.

Well, time to go now.

Be good this week.

Ask yourself what you can do different today because of what you learned yesterday in order to become as He is!


Sister WEbre

I Feel Sorry for Anyone Who Is NOT Me Right Now


This week was a great one. We met and taught lots of awesome people.

I am not in Cauayan City. We are about an hour bus ride away from Cauayan City. So pretty close. We have gone there every week so far, for transfers, zone conference, and a trainer/trainee meeting this past week. The mission home is really nice.

Most people are very poor. A lot of dirt floors and hut like houses. There quite a few concrete floors as well. It is very green, I just eat it up! Sooo beautiful, especially when we walk out into some of the more rural areas. Lots of rice fields (green) and palm trees. and bamboo trees. I will send some pics. They are not as pretty as the real picture.

I Have a lot to say and no time to say it.

It is pretty rural, depends on which part of our area we are in. There is dirty city along some parts of the main highway road.

We don't actually walk a whole lot. We ride to the barrangay that we teach in for the day and we only have to walk around to the different houses. There are some interesting modes of transportation here. I will send more pictures next time. This picture attached is something a member has, they were giving us a ride home. We usually ride in a tricycle. Its the motorcycle with a small car on the side that fits two people, or they cram three in and they sit two on the motorcycle behind the driver. its funny. I love it.

We usually don't eat dinner because we are out working, but we cook our own breakfast and lunch. Sometimes members feed us. I usually just eat cereal or cookies at night when we get home. Yay, cereal!!

Well thank for your prayers. Sorry i didn't say anything much about anything. I enjoyed reading your letters fam. Keep up the good work.

Oh yeah, I bought some speakers and a charger all for about 45 american dollars. Hallelujah! So no worries there.

Love you!

-Sister Webre

kamusta ang kilikili mo?

Hello there!

The truth is, family, that I miss you all so much it hurts. But I am trying to be strong. I know it will take time.

Shout out to Heather and Mom, who write faithfully every week.

I have more e-mail time now, but snail mail is still preferred. I can also print, but of course it costs.

Actually I just found out that the rule is, I can only receive e-mail from family. So most of you have to snail mail anyway. The definition of family is clearly stated Mom, Dad, and siblings. That's it.

The computer I'm using today doesn't have virus protection so I decided not to plug in my card reader. NO pictures today. Sorry.

My radio alarm clock is destroyed. Sorry dad. Nobody warned me and the plug was just normal, I didn't need an adapter, so I just plugged her right in and it worked for about 15 seconds than just turned off. There was no smoke or fire, it just stopped working. I didn't even realized what happened until I talked to sister Carlos at Zone Conference. But talk about depressing. I haven't been able to listen to my music AT ALL yet. Not in the MTC and now not here. I miss it heaps. I need Mo TAb. The good news is that the Lord blessed me. My I-pod still works!! It is only dead and has no speakers with which to play it on. So....I think I can buy a speakers/charger here for a little less than 100$. I don't know what to do, but I am really hungry for some good tunes.

We are teaching a lot of people. We go to a different area of our area almost every day and teach about 4 people there. We go to two areas twice. So maybe 16 ish. But we only have 4 progressing investigators (people who are keeping commitments) and three of those we just started teaching Sunday. I am able to bear testimony in each lesson, yes. I can teach most principles in the first and second lesson very simply. The difficult part is that I want to ask questions, I want to get to know them and teach to their true needs but I cannot. I can't ask questions because I don't understand their answers. The Lord is really blessing me with patience.

The people are very kind here. It is not hard to find people to teach. Almost everyone will listen. The problem is getting them to keep commitments. Namely coming to church. I tried so hard this week to get people to come to church. I leaned a bunch of things I could say about the blessings of church and to testify of its purpose and importance. We had one investigator come to church. (Out of the 16 we invited) Also, the 3 that came with friends and siblings that became our new investigators.

So It is hard. Our investigators need to come to church for a month before they can be baptized. That is the standard here. So pray for my investigators if you can.

So a lot of things that would not be funny in the US are hilarious here. For instance "kamusta ang kilikili mo?"

In the MTC, one of the teachers in the TE would always say that to us and we couldn't figure out what it meant. Finally our teacher told us it is "How is your armpit?" So I said that to Sister Valdoz the other day and she thought that was just really funny. She encouraged me to ask our district leader and some of the young men in our ward that come teach with us. They all think it is hilarious. They laugh and laugh. I never thought I could be so funny.

They have cold cereal! The milk really isn't that bad. I actually like it. And it is not too expensive. The only good cereal they have that I have found is cookie crisp. So I ate cookie crisp last week. Masarap! It made me so happy.

So, this week in sacrament meeting, we sang this hymn (266) (did you know we sing the hymns in English here? It's really nice) And these words really stood out to me.

"Be fixed in your purpose for Satan will try you, the weight of your calling he perfectly knows. Your path my be thorny but Jesus is nigh you, His arm is sufficient though demons oppose" I know that this is true. I know that His arm is sufficient for all of us, no matter what our trials may be.

Our Zone Conference was magnificent this week, but I don't have time to share now.

Maybe next week!!

Love you so much

Thank you for your prayers. Don't stop. :)

Be good.

-Sister Webre