I feel like my e-mail time goes by in two seconds.
The good news is that I got your package mom, And I got lots of mail. There was quite the drought there for a while.I think I was too spoiled in the MTc getting mail every day and packages everyweek. I got letters from Jill, Elder Jarvie, S. Tillmann, mandy, mom, grandma and dad. Thanks to all! I only get my mail every Tuesday at district meeting. I haven't yet actually recieved my package, the Zone Leaders have it.
they just informed me that they had the package on the floor and the ants attacked t. So I'm not sure what is in there, but I'm sure it's delicious. Those sugar ants are topnotch scouts!

One of my favorite momets this week: A lady walks by and says to me "You are soo byootiful!" (gotta imagine the accent) Then sister valdoz (after the lady was out of ear shot) says "Yes, but she has LICE!"
I don't know why, It was just funny. People say that to me every day (that i am beautiful) and I'm sure Sister. Valdoz gets tired of it.
Actually I do have lice. Discoverd it saturday. Tried to get rid of it sat night but it really likes me head alot. So It's quite the nuisance really because i have to wash everything, in hot water but there is no hot water, so I have to boil a pan of water at a time and then wash by hand. It is great. And hopefully eventually we can get it all out of my hair. Pray for me.

My wardrobe has been suffering but the good new s is that I had some dresses made for me for 10 $ each and I'm going to pick them up now. HOpefully they turned out! Pretty sweet how cheap it is to get stuff tailor made here.

Love you all
Love being a missionary
More about the work next time

Love Sister Webre


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