I Feel Sorry for Anyone Who Is NOT Me Right Now


This week was a great one. We met and taught lots of awesome people.

I am not in Cauayan City. We are about an hour bus ride away from Cauayan City. So pretty close. We have gone there every week so far, for transfers, zone conference, and a trainer/trainee meeting this past week. The mission home is really nice.

Most people are very poor. A lot of dirt floors and hut like houses. There quite a few concrete floors as well. It is very green, I just eat it up! Sooo beautiful, especially when we walk out into some of the more rural areas. Lots of rice fields (green) and palm trees. and bamboo trees. I will send some pics. They are not as pretty as the real picture.

I Have a lot to say and no time to say it.

It is pretty rural, depends on which part of our area we are in. There is dirty city along some parts of the main highway road.

We don't actually walk a whole lot. We ride to the barrangay that we teach in for the day and we only have to walk around to the different houses. There are some interesting modes of transportation here. I will send more pictures next time. This picture attached is something a member has, they were giving us a ride home. We usually ride in a tricycle. Its the motorcycle with a small car on the side that fits two people, or they cram three in and they sit two on the motorcycle behind the driver. its funny. I love it.

We usually don't eat dinner because we are out working, but we cook our own breakfast and lunch. Sometimes members feed us. I usually just eat cereal or cookies at night when we get home. Yay, cereal!!

Well thank for your prayers. Sorry i didn't say anything much about anything. I enjoyed reading your letters fam. Keep up the good work.

Oh yeah, I bought some speakers and a charger all for about 45 american dollars. Hallelujah! So no worries there.

Love you!

-Sister Webre


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