Galing Sa Pusa

Kamusta PO!

Another week gone!
Time never stops or slows down, does it? And what we do with that time is up to us! I know that it has been a struggle for me my whole life to live in the moment. Especially when the moments aren't super hunky dory. But I am really striving to make the most of every minute of every day and not waste a minute. Time is so precious.

There is nothing worse than taking a look at your life and realizing that you are only living for yourself or, that you are at a standstill, that you are no better today than yesterday or even last month or year.

I'm trying to have more regular self-evalutations to make sure that I don't look back on life and find that I haven't become what God intended me to be, that I haven't become what I really want to be--that is--to be like Jesus Christ, my Savior.

Each day I can do something different, something better, because of the things I learned yesterday. 2 Ne 28:30 Line upon line is the Lords way of teaching us. Here a little, and there a little--but constant and consistent changes-- until our conversion is complete and we are as He is.
So, as for your questions mom, I am always hot, yes. I don't think I can say I am used to it, but you just learn to live with it and smile. My only real complaint is that It makes me super tired. I think it is because I am dehydrated. I know I should probably drink more, but as dad would say "it all comes out in the end". We are away from our apartment for 7 hours and who knows what kind of bathrooms will be available? But I guess its part of the adventure right. Okay I'll drink more. And report my adventures next week! It rains. It comes on quickly, rains hard, and leaves just as quickly usually. ONce we were caught in the rain for an hour though. It is glorious. I don't know if it is appropriate for me to accidently get soaked in the rain? My companion thinks I'm crazy, I only use my umbrella for the sun. The nights cool off a little, but not a whole lot. Church is fun. We usually have about 60 attend. The building is really small. I will send pictures next week.

We got to work in the bukid this week. It was a service project for an investigator. We said that we would help them in the bukid saturday so that they would be able to attend church sunday. (work is their excuse for not attending chuch) Well, they still didn't come. Oh well, no effort is wasted. I want this family to accept the gospel so badly! They have 4 boys, age19, 21, 23, 25. They are so cute! And super nice. But they aren't keeping any of their commitments so far. : ( Why does no one keep their commitments?!? I'll keep you posted.

One funny moment: Puso is heart. Pusa is cat. I was talking about prayer and I meant to say: "The most important thing is that it comes from the heart" but i said "galing sa pusa" instead of "galing sa puso". As soon as it came out of my mouth I knew it was wrong and I quickly corrected it, but everyone got a pretty good laugh out of it. Coming from cat. tee hee.

The mission so far has been a challenge, certainly. It has been difficult, no doubt. I have felt very inadequate and underqualified to be the Lords servant in this way. I have felt like giving up at times. But each time I re-commit myself because I know who I am, and I know God's plan. And as I press on He gives me strength. If we bring our all to the table, if we are willing to make sacrifices, the Lord always comes through with His promised blessings. I know that.

I am so grateful for these experiences. Sometimes I feel like I am recieving much more than I am giving. The Lord is teaching me so much. I am also teaching, but it sure seems like I am learning heaps more than others are learning from me.

Well, time to go now.

Be good this week.

Ask yourself what you can do different today because of what you learned yesterday in order to become as He is!


Sister WEbre


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