There is a baptism at the end of the tunnel!

Well hello again!
Hows life in the US? Life in the philippines is still awesome.
Yes, we will get to listen to conference. SO EXCITED!! But only the sunday sessions. And it will be this coming week, since we are a day ahead and conference hadn't happened yet. Cool, another temple for the Philippines!! I miss the temple.
ON p-days..... We do laundry, companion and personal study (1 hr each) and clean our whole apartment. (This takes usually 2 ish hours) Then we ride 20 minutes over to roxas to email, buy groceries and do any other shopping or errands we need to. When we get back to our apartment its usually close to 5 and we make a quick dinner and head out to proselyte at 6 for the rest of the night. Pretty exciting I know! Pretty stinkin short too.
On normal days we just get up, exercise (I jump rope for 15 minutes usually. Wish I could run!) shower and eat, then study for 3 hours (personal, companion, language) then we eat lunch and proselyte/teach for the rest of the day. WE usually get home around 8 ish, (Everyone goes to bed at 8 I think. Its because they get up so stinkin early!)  review the day, plan for 30 or 40 minutes for the next day, then eat a snack, journal and hit the sack! 
We usually have plenty of teaching appointments to fill the day, but when people aren't home we do some finding and contacting.
Ideas for packages:
Any chocolate
ticonderoga pencils
cookie mix
pictures (you can also e-mail me some pics of the happenings!)
Also, we don't have a deseret book or anything here. I had some different little pics of jesus and my comp asked if she could have them. The members also love stuff like that, so anything you can send like that would be awesome.
My companion is crazy about the color violet
anything healthy to snack
fruit leather
Credit union pens (the ones everyone likes)
Letters are the best.
I want some new music for christmas. more details later.
So I wish I had time to tell you about the pictures. I think almost all of the filipinos in the pics are members. The woman with the coconut is so awesome. She works with us usually 3 days a week! What a fellowshipper!
I tried to send a pic of the tricycle and jeepni. Sorry they aren't very good pics. those are our mains sources of transportation. The other bus in the picture is what I rode from Manilla to Cauayan.  
The orange box is some soap I bought. It cracks me up how the people here all want to be white and everyone in america wants to be brown. They have lots of "skin whitening" products. 
They do have something that resembles a grocery store. We shop there as well as in the pelenke for  fruits  and veggies. There are lots of different veggies here. They are super cheap which makes us missionaries very happy. The pink spiky one with the white filling and black dots is a fruit. Its apparently very expensive, but our neighbors gave us for free!
Okay! Once again I have no time to tell you about the work. I'm going to copy my journal and send snail.
Just know that no one comes to church still, but Heavenly Father sent us Angelica. She is nine and she is so stinkin adorable. Way super smart. She will be baptized on the 16 of this month! WooHOO! She has been super fun to teach.
Time to go.
Be good.
Eat your vegetables.
Don't forget to brush!
The church is true!
I love you!
Forever Sister Webre


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