Hello Family, it's monday again!

This week we did not teach any lessons.  We only did service. It was fun, but I miss teaching! Thats where all the good stuff happens!
I ask any who read this to please pray for Mallig branch. We are struggling. The whole branch is disorganized and the President isn't doing a lot to help. It is a very difficult situation and puts a lot more responsibility on us missionaries. He expects us to teach the young women and sunday school classes etc.

I'm super hot and tired so I don't think I will write much more.
But I love you and the church is true!!
Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm really awake. I'm really here, in the PHilippines, being a missionary. Ive waited my whole life to do what I am doing right now. I'm finally living the dream! Being a missionary is so great. It's a privelege and a blessing to work so closely with the Lord!
May he bless you all and keep you happy and safe

Sister Webre

p.s. I just realized I didn't explain my subject.
Wish I could send the picture, we had slugs the other day. It was awesome. We got them out of the river ourselves, boiled them for a few minutes and had to suck them out of the shells! Sweet! I know you're jealous


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