Good News!

Happy day of the dead to all!
So their Halloween here is actually on November first. (today) But they don't do the costume trick or treat thing. My companion said that everyone gets together at the cemetery and they put flowers and things on the graves. (maybe like memorial day)
Sadly we wont be hanging out at the cemetary tonight. We have a 6pm curfew now that there is no power. Still no word of power or water for a while. Its pretty sad seeing the power poles and lines all over the place, hanging low to the ground, totally destroyed some places. I don't think we will be getting power for a while!

Sorry I left you hanging for so long! I'm happy to report that the lice have departed, I haven't seen them around for weeks now, thank goodness and they are certainly never welcome back!

Well I have some GOOD NEWS. I think we may have found that golden family. I was REALLY excited last week when we taught them and I could tell they genuinely wanted to listen and learn more. The mother was saying how she had far away relatives that were LDS and she had attented church with them once when she visited them. She said she loved it and she loves the "mormon" people. She kept saying how happy she was that we came to her house. SHE asked if she could come to church with us. So pretty awesome huh?!!
The bad news is, we waited for them at church and they never showed. We will visit them tomorrow and see what happened. The last name is Gahelonia. You can pray for them.

We're still having a hard time with our church attendance. Especially with the storm, people are busy fixing stuff and the number one excuse is no money for their travel fair. A lot of the neighborhoods are really far from the chruch so it's hard. But we've been trying new methods!
Sister Vacalares often will give our tricycle drivers a pamphlet and ask if we can come and share the gospel with their family. Pretty good Idea don't you think? If we convert a tricycle driver in each neighborhood, they can give investigators and members rides. Well I thought it was pretty smart.

A random fact that I keep meaning to include is that everyone calls each other brother and sister here and its not weird or anything. It's just like sir or ma'am. It is so awesome. It makes me so happy.

Have I mentioned that I love the Philippines? I love the country, the culture, the customs, the food, and most of all the people. How hard they work,m how humble they are, how difficult most of their circumstances. Last month, we stopped at a house to talk to some ladies that were sitting outside. They were sitting on a few logs of long, skinny, bamboo. ONe of them was extremely thin, she told us she has six children. She looked very young. Her mother was there also, and another neighbor. As we talked to them, more and more people started to gather around us- many o them children. I tend to attract the crowds :) We asked if w could share the message with them. One lady apologized- they didn't have any chairs for us to sit. But she hurried away to a small hut house nearby and came back with a simple wood bench. They were all sitting on the bamboo on the ground and we- on the bench, facing them. What a beautiful sight they were. Bare feet and various humble attire--the childrens eager faces, beautiful brown eyes and dark hair all looking at me. As I looked around at each of them I was filled with an overwhelming love. Tears came into my eyes and I could feel how precious each one of them were to Heavenly Father. In a very real sense I think He was filling me with His love for them.
Oh, if they could only feel that love! If they could come to know that their lives could be filled with great peace and joy by accepting and living the teachings of Jesus Christ!

This is my work, the work of the Father. This is the desire of my heart each day as I walk among the precious children of God, my brothers and sisters. I thank Him every day for this opportunity to serve him in this way and at this place and time.

I love and miss all of you.
Have a wonderful week and listen to a session of general conference!

Every monday when we do laundry and clean the house I listen to a session of conference. I am so inspired by the words of the prophets and priesthood leaders of our church.
How blessed we are!

Do good and loving you always,
Sister Webre


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