Happy November!

Hey fam

I'm pretty jealous I missed BEHS phantom of the opera. IT was all the talk in your e-mails.
Transfers are thursday. They will announce tomorrow who will be transferred. I've been praying that it will be me. If I don't get transferred thursday, I will be left in this area until at least February. That is a long time to be in an area like this. But whatever happens, I trust the revelation of President Carlos and I will keep trying to be the best missionary I can be here in Mallig.
Angelicas baptism is still on for Saturday! Woo hoo! My companion is making the program as we speak.

I was counting earlier this morning and I figured an average of 20 prayers that I am participant in daily. That's a lot of prayers! Prayer is pretty important you know. If I can pray 20 times a day, you can all at least pray morning and night! (I'm sure you all already do)

Well the most frequently visited scripture in lessons this week was 3 Nephi 13:31-33. Take no thought saying what shall we eat or drink or wear.--The Lord knows our needs and if we seek first His kingdom, all our temporal needs will be met. (paraphrasing)
Most of our investigators, recent converts and less active members work in the rice fields every day or don't have enough money to pay for transportation in order to come to church. I know that if they truly have faith in Jesus Christ and if they "seek first the kingdom of God" he will prepare a way for them to be able to come to church AND see that their temporal needs are met. I know that, but they don't. So the trick is helping them to gain a testimony of this principle!
So true for all of us though. Maybe we don't have a problem making it to church, but some other aspects of the spiritual part of our life are left out or put last because the temporal matters seem so much more pressing.

I was sitting in our humble meeting house yesterday during the sacrament ordinance. There is something special about that short few minutes in sacrament meeting that we have to think about the Savior and ponder our covenants with Him. We can take a moment to think about the savior any time, any day of the week, but it is somehow different in sacrament meeting, during that sacred ordinance. As I pondered His great atoning sacrifice for me, I realized that I have never known with more certainty than I know now that he is the only sure rock upon which we must build our lives. It is a scary world and Satan is ever present but surely if we are doing things daily that help us build our foundation in Christ, we will be strong and He can truly have no power over us. My love for Him grows daily as I understand more fully how much I truly depend on Him.

Time to go now! It's true! The gospel is true, it's all true!
Take care, all of you and don't forget to remember!

-Your Sister Webre


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