Happy times, Sad times

Its that time again! The shortest hour of the week!
How are you all doing?

Well sorry for the drought in pictures. I have been trying, but I'm having problems with the memory chip that has all my pics on it. Hopefully I can get it figured out soon. I have some pretty awesome pictures!

So it actually got kind of cold this week. They said their was another typhoon, but not wind, just continuous rain. Some of the houses closer to the river flooded. Luckily we are on higher ground. A lot of our investigators tell us they think it is the end of the world. We had fun walking through the mud this weekend!
I thought that it was going to stay cold through January but it got hot again and has stayed since Saturday. They say it does get cooler for a few months though.

Word is we will have power and water later tonight! Woohoo! There is still no water or power in a lot of places, but they've finally got it fixed in our area. We had power and water for one day last week but then it was gone the next day so we'll see if it stays!
We have been eating oatmeal, french toast (no complaints there!) , rice and canned tuna and a lot of junk snack foods. We'll be happy to have our frig back! (by the way mom, yes I have stayed pretty healthy so far! But the word is if I want to lose the pounds I put on, I need to get sick. So I'm searching for something I can catch that wont be too bad.  Ha! Just kidding!)

Sadly I don't think we will be able to teach the Gahelonia family because the father for some reason hates mormons. At least he is totally against us teaching the wife and daughter and wants to burn the Book of Mormon we gave them. So that was a sad day for me. The mother and daughter are the first investigators I have had that I know truly have a desire to become members of the church. I am getting used to disappointments.
But I roll with the punches and trust that in the end Heavenly Father will make everything right.

Actually I forgot to tell you about Benjamin Adorio! He is a new investigator and I'm pretty sure he's gonna be baptized. I've been wrong before, but he has come to chruch 3 weeks in a row so that is pretty much a miracle. He is probably in his 40s and he is a bank gaurd. The awesome thing is that he came to church before we even started teaching him. We met him saturday, gave him a pamphlet and invited him to church and there he was the next day. What a champ!! During the lesson he said it had been a long time since he had been to church and it felt good to be back. He was really emotional, I think the lord has been preparing him to recieve the gospel.
And the other good news is that Angelica, the 9-year old of the part member family can be baptized now. We recieved a no answer from the zone leader because her parents are inactive, but I asked president in my interview last week if she could be baptized because her 19 yr old sister brings her to church EVERY week. And he sad YES. So yay! Nov 20 is her date.

Still loving mission life and learning lots.
Thanks for all your tender loving care in various forms.
Sure do love you all.

All my love from the philippine islands-

Sister Webre


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