Operation White Christmas

Well its the moment you have all been waiting for! Sister Webre's e-mail!
I have a lot of exciting news this week.
On tuesday night we got a text with all of the names of those who would be transferred to a new area. We were a little confused to see that both of our names were there. We asked if it was a pull-out and they said yes. So now there are Elders in Mallig. I have really been praying for Mallig branch. I know this is an answer to my prayers. I think it will be kindof like a fresh start for them with brand new missionaries that can develop new relationships without the carried over opinions and stereotypes.
My only baptism in Mallig--angelica, I missed by two days because of the transfer. Bummer! But she did get baptized so hooray for that!
My new area is............Cauayan! Yep, thats right I live just less than ten minutes walking distance from the mission home. Its pretty sweet. There are many many perks to this new arrangement. I get mail a lot sooner for one. The AP's are part of our branch and we get to see them all the time. They give us rides in the mision vehicle and they come to dinner appointments with us. So that is fun. They are both american.
My new apartment is nice. Still no shower but I quite prefer the scooper now. Our toilet does flush though, thats new!
My new companion is filipino and she is super awesome! She is everything I could ever want in a companion! Mom you are going to be so jealous, she studied and worked in massage therapy before the mission. Ive already benefited from that perk! She is very willing to give massages whenever. Also she is an amazing cook and really enjoys it. So that has been sweeeet! ONly problem there is that I'm going to get even fatter. Ah well.
She is really loud and outgoing unlike my first two companions so I am really loving that. Seriously, this transfer is going to just be tons of fun. And we have a lot of potentials to be baptized!
So this operation white christmas is our mission thing. Obviously the philippines have never seen snow, but we're really pushing for lots of baptism on dec 25 (conveniently happnes to be a saturday!) So we can have a white christmas! So I'm really dreaming of a white christmas! Lets alll pray!
Love you all so much
have a splendid week
sister Webre
Quick descriptions of the pictures:
We had to walk on that skinny log to get to our investigators house! haha!
When we cut the rice in the fields in order to harvest it, its called "gapas" We did this for a recent convert.
The pictures with the other sister missionaries were at sisters training. All of the sister missionaries in the whole mission got to gather at the mission home for good food, talks and a presentation from sister carlos. It was awesome!!
The picture of me and the little girl is angelica. She got baptized two days after I got transferred. She wrote this note me during sacrament meeting because she saw that I was crying. So cute!

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