Hello there family, it's me, your missionary!

As you've heard, there's been quite an excitement around here. On friday we got a text from our zone leaders telling us that a super typhoon was headed our way. They said to prepare food and water for a three day lock down. So we went to the sisters house in our neighboring area on saturday night and waited for the storm. We waited until monday morning when the winds started to pick up. It lasted most of monday. It didn't seem all that powerful to me but it was hard to tell inside the house.  There were some occasional loud bangs and someone else's roof came and landed on ours. It punched a whole in the ceiling but that's about all the damage that came to us. I don't know if it was because the winds were extremely strong or just because the houses aren't terribly sturdy here. Probably both.

Anyway, when we were able to go out and assess the damage it was a lot worse than I thought it would be. There are a lot less trees standing and many roofs and other things displaced. Everything looks pretty messy. We were a little bit worried about our house, but when we got home it was perfectly fine. Just a little bit of water in two spots. I thought that a typhoon meant lots and lots of water, but I think it was mostly wind. Needless to say, we were watched over!

The exciting news is that they say we will have no water or power for 3 months! WooHoo! So that means no fridge, no electric fans (bummer!) and I was thinking we would have no music, cell phone, flashlight, camera or be able to iron our clothes but GUESS WHAT!? Our neighbors have sweet hook ups. They call it a generator! And last night they hooked us up from 6-10 pm. So we are able to charge all of our battery things and all of that. Still no fridge though. It doesn't really work to refrigerate things for just four hours every night.
I'm not sure why we don't have water because our neighbors do. So they let us fill our buckets from their spicket every morning to use for the day. We are counting our blessings.

So everything is A-okay here. Thanks for your prayers. Sorry for the scare mom!
Hopefully we can do some sweet missionary work through service projects and stuff.

note: My companion likes beef jerky and they don't have that here. Just in case anyone is sending a package in the near future.

Well I do believe its time to go now. Have a great week! Count your blessings every day and walk with a grateful heart always! Wasn't President Monson's talk on gratitude just great?

Helaman 5:7. Be good. Do good. That simple. :)

-Sister Webre


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