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 Hello there!
We had zone conference this week and it was GREAT! The focus was on becoming a preach my gospel missionary, which means, teaching by the spirit among many other things.
One thing we focused on was that teaching is more than just talking or telling. We practiced doing some role plays where we really had to observe the investigator, listen to them, and discern what it really was that they needed to hear, or what their need or concern was.
It was a good reminder to me, that I need to be more careful about not getting caught up in the delivery of the message--but make sure that I am really teaching PEOPLE and not just teaching LESSONS. I am really striving to become more and more proficient in the language of the spirit and develop my listening skills!!!

We got an early Christmas present!
Each companionship now has their own dvd player and the Preach My Gospel DVD's. Can you believe it? I couldn't believe it! Its so awesome! Is that a world-wide thing? Anyway, its too bad that I'm nearing the end of my mission...I only get to use it for a few months.
OhYEAH, I forgot to tell you that I got your package last week. Thank you! I have been slowly working on the M&Ms and have almost finished off the fiber one bars! And I have plenty to share!

On saturday we made another trip to the "bukid" or rice fields. This time we got to see their machine that separates the actual rice from its stalk (I'm calling it a stalk, for lack of a better word) We even dressed up like the Filipinos do when they work in the rice fields. It was great fun and REALLY muddy.

The work is going just fine, we are still teaching that one family I told you about. Dad is being kind of difficult, but I fully believe he will change if we are patient and have FAITH!  This family is our focus right now. It have really been focusing on sharing my testimony about how the gospel strengthens and blesses families. I never understood how much the gospel plays a role in family happiness and unity until I came here and saw so many families without the gospel, and how different their lives are. Only in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints do we see families pray together read scriptures together, all go to church together, set aside one night a week to be together, and help each other to live the high standards that we uphold. It is such a testimony builder to me to realize that all of those things are the foundation of what our family is and why we have so much happiness and so many blessings. Even though we still have problems and trials, the gospel makes it so much easier to cope and gives us hope in all times that we can always find a solution.
WE ARE SO BLESSED!! We have what everyone needs! We need to share this gospel!

My companion is going home in two days. Actually she isn't going home in two days because her parents are coming here to pick her up... but I am getting a new companion on Thursday!
So you'll hear all about that next week.

Love you all so much, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
Remember your covenants!

sister webre


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