Pray for the Carig Family

These are mostly recent converts from Rizal
We had a small photo shoot after the farewell party and they all lined up to get an individual shot! ha!

8315- Ryan Cauilan, 6yrs old-- from my first family converted
8294- Raymundo, one of our recent converts...we are still working on his wife and other kids
8295- Lucio, our hard-core investigator with a heart of gold--still waiting for clearance from 1st presidency to be baptized
8296--Susan, a member who works with us almost every day. SHE IS AMAZING
8297- This is often the setting where we teach investigators, that is Renato, one of our recent converts
8301- Flor and her husband have baptismal dates for October. They are the funniest, sweetest old couple EVER
8309- Jecca, 9yrs old--member
8313- Marlyn is one of our recent converts and is preparing to serve a mission

In answer to your questions... 
I'm starting to feel a little better
Hard work is good medicine
So is scripture study and prayer!

I've gotten to see some of the people we baptized when I was here earlier this year, and there are also some of my old investigators that got baptized while I was gone, but I was never really that close to them. Its still kinda cool though. Some of our old investigators are STILL our investigators, so that's kinda fun too.

We are the MOST excited about a family we recently started teaching. They are SUPER cute. They have 6 kids from ages 21 to 6. The last name is Carig. They have been pretty receptive so far, and i just have  good feeling about them.
They were really hesitant to commit to come to church, but they said they would try and we told them we would come and pick them up. Sunday morning we got a text from one of the daughters and she told us that only she and the other kids would be coming, her parents wouldn't be able to make it. The dad is a tricycle driver and she said that he left for work early that morning.
Well we decided to go there anyway and pick them up like we said and see if we could talk the parents into coming. Mom was worried because she didn't have a skirt, but we told her she could wear pants so she decided to come. We were even surprised to see that Dad was back and was helping to get the kids all ready to go. He said we would drive us all in his tricycle. 

Sister Eveland and I were just PUMPED. We were sooo happy that they were all really coming to church. 
When we got to the parking lot, Dad told us he was just going to go pick up their neighbors (they are members and his relatives) and he would come right back. 
Well........he didn't come back. How rude, right? We were so bummed about it, we had our hopes so high and then he crushed them. Anyway, don't worry, I'm sure they will all come to church next time--we are going to teach them tonight. Dad is kindof a jokester, but he always listens and answers questions sincerely when we teach their family. Pray for the Carig family! 

So thats the story for the week.
My companion is great. She goes home next week, but she doesn't act trunky at all, she is still going strong and works hard, which I am SOO GRATEFUL for. She also went to BYU- Idaho before the mission and will be returning there when she gets back.

Oh yeah, one last story I forgot...
President Carlos planned to go the baptism of the Abalos family (a family I taught in Rizal, my old area) and he asked me if I wanted to go with them. Of course I was so surprised and I said YES, I WOULD LOVE TO!! And so I did. Its only about an hour from cauayan. 

Boy were those members surprised to see me. And I got to have a little crying party all over again. I just love them so much...It was just a dream to be there again with them and see the baptism of the Abalos family and they were SOO HAPPY that I was there too. That was sister Abalos's only request, that I be in their baptism picture--she was so sad when she found out i was being transferred, that I wouldn't be in their picture for their baptism. HA! Request granted. They are so sweet to me, they would hardly let me leave when it was all over, they just swarmed around me and asked when I was coming back.
There are still about 15 more investigators that we taught in Rizal that will be getting baptized in the next month or two. Two of them are families. I wish I could go to all of their baptisms but I know I can't. 

Well, the gospel is true. It sounds cliche, but serving a mission is the best thing i have EVER done. I can't believe how blessed I have been, I just feel SO grateful to be a part of this incredible work. 
HOpe you all have a GREAT week!! When you are having a hard time or you feel confused about your purpose in life, just go back to basics. Pray first, with all the sincerity of your heart and then search the scriptures. Serve some one else in some small way! It will bring you joy, I promise. I LOVE YOU!

Continue fighting
sister webre

P.S. The two people in that picture with me are from rizal as well. They are going to be baptized next month. They have a MIRACLE story. Sister was a die-hard catholic before and Brother went from coming home drunk every night, to now--he hasn't had a drink for over 3 weeks and they are both coming to church. yeah! People really CAN change. Only the true gospel of Jesus Christ can make a person do that. Alma 31:5

P.P.S. I'm jealous of your peaches and icecream



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