Cauayan City

Well, here I am, writing from Cauayan city.
The announcement was made Tuesday morning at our district meeting, I pulled an all-nighter on Wednesday packing my bags, and on thursday morning I left my beloved Rizal. I could never explain my feelings this last week. My heart has never hurt so much. I never expected leaving to be so hard. I am still really hurting, and really missing all those people that I helped and come to love so deeply.

Bishop threw me a farewell party on Wednesday night, and almost all of our recent converts and progressing investigators were there, along with some members. He had us all sit in a big circle and he had each person take a turn to stand and say their goodbye's.
It was really sweet, but kindof torture at the same time. I was just a mess, bawling like a baby the whole time. I saw a lot of my investigator and recent converts cry for the first time, and some of them got so emotional that they were having a hard time speaking. It feels good to know you're that loved, but it was almost too much for my heart to take.
It is just hard knowing I can't be with them anymore and not knowing when I will see them again. If I am not able to come back to the Philippines, I guess it will be a very sweet reunion on the other side.
I feel confident that each person, each family that we baptized and are still preparing for baptism have a solid testimony in the church and in the Savior. I know that even in my absence they will continue to be active and make it to the temple next year!
I FEEL SOOOO BLESSED to have been given a chance to serve in RIZAL. I still marvel how we started almost from no progressing investigators and no baptisms- to hard work and great faith and patience that led to now -- being part of the conversion of SEVERAL families and other individuals. MY JOY IS UNDESCRIBABLE.

So another shocker was when I found out at transfer meeting that I would be going BACK to my OLD area here in Cauayan. Yes, it is the same exact branch/area that I served in earlier this year. My companion is Sister Eveland (American from Washington State) and she is going home in 2 weeks. Yeah, we don't even get a full transfer together...only 2 more weeks.
President told me that when my companion leaves I will be the new "sisters trainer". (It means that I will help train the sisters and i will go on splits with different sisters each week)
There is not a whole lot happening in this area right now, so it looks like I will have my work cut out for me. I get to go back to planting season, but I learned in my last area, that by small and simple means, great things are brought to pass. I'm struggling just a little bit to make the adjustment from transfers, but I know I can do it. The Lord has a better plan! I will do His will! It will be a great chance for me to grow. The Lord is just testing my Faith. Miracles can happen here in Cauayan just like the ones I saw in Rizal! I have a work to do here before I go home, and I will do my very best to fulfill all of my responsibilities well.
I was reading in D&C 98 and 100 this week and it gave me a lot of comfort.
The Lord really does hear our prayers and He answers them in the perfect time and the perfect way. All we have to do is BE PATIENT and TRUST in HIM!

Have a great week. I love you! Don't worry about me, just keep me in your prayers!
It's looking like I might not be able to send pictures so you'll have to wait until next week!
Keep fighting the good fight
sister webre


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