Disaster Baptism

I finally went to the doctor (which I put off doing but finally consented when after two weeks of suffering, it still wasn't going away) and got an antibiotic. That was on saturday, and I think its starting to work! Cross our fingers!

So our baptism this week was almost a complete disaster. It was the baptism of Elizabeth Cauilan and her dad was able to baptize her! Now we just have Bong on the 3rd of September and they will be complete!! Happiest day of my life!

So back to the disaster baptism. The person in charge of the program printed the wrong name on ALL the programs. He put "Marybeth" instead of "Elizabeth" so we had to re-do all that when we got there 30 minutes before the service.
The second thing was that while I was playing the opening hymn, one of the keys broke and fell completely off the piano. As in-- loudly dropped to the ground. (Its a dinky electric piano) And it was an Imortant key!!
The third problem was that the baptizer memorized the wrong thing (supposedly) for the baptismal prayer. So, while they were both standing in the water-- bishop was searching for the prayer (tagalog) in the D&C. All the long-time members of the church here just use the english, but the baptizer wasn't comfortable with english.
The fourth problem was that the water in the font was super shallow. We're not sure if slowly drained because the seal wasn't tight, or what, but this was the most stressful part of the whole baptism. Rolan had to dunk Elizabeth three times to get a complete immersion because her knees kept coming up. And she had to go down almost like a straight board. STRESSFUL!!!
We were supposed to watch a video while waiting for Elizabeth to change, but I couldn't fast forward to the right part, or get the subtitles on, because the remote for the DVD was lost.
Anyway, I guess the important thing is that she received the ordinance of baptism and we can forget about all the rest.

Sister Villamor and I have been brainstorming ways to help our recent convert families to have family home evening and pray together, etc.
I remembered our family home evening chart and so we decided to make charts for them. I'll send a picture of the first one we made. It's SOO stinking CUTE!!

Well I guess that's all for this week, or at least all you get to hear about! Wish I could say it all!
Take care this week!
Loving you always,
Sister Webre


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