The Fun Never Ends!


I never really know what to say in these e-mails because there is always too much to say.

We are looking for a new apartment because we can't take the rusty water anymore. Actually, I've had a UTI for about 10 days now, but it hasn't gotten too terribly bad-- just doesn't want to go away. And I suspect that it came from bathing in the rusty water for too long. yuck.

Anyway, on to brighter things... we had 15 investigators at church yesterday. My beloved Cauilan family is just thriving in the church. The mom and dad always come and work with us and it just makes my heart swell to hear their testimonies and the stories about their conversion and how the gospel changed their lives and brought so much happiness. And often their testimonies are more powerful and can touch the investigators more than anything sister Villamor and I can teach or say.

Esperanza (Mom Cauilan) told me that Bong (their oldest son that used to hide from us, but is now begging us to teach him more about the gospel) used to turn on the TV when he got home from work, and he would stay up late just texting on his cell phone. BUT NOW... when he gets home every night, he goes straight to his book of mormon and reads, sometimes late into the night. He has been begging us for a bible, and is now regularly attending Institute classes. HA, he's not even a member yet! He has this little notebook he bought and he uses it when he studies. He brought it to church yesterday and he was writing down scriptures that were used in sacrament meeting and Sunday school.

Oh, my heart is just so full. I still don't dare believe its really true, it truly is such a miracle. I love being able to see investigators who really are so hungry for the gospel. It is such a privilege to teach them and be a part of their conversion.
Wouldn't it be great if we, as long time members in the church, were still just as hungry for a deeper gospel knowledge and conversion?

One of our recent converts Mario Villaluz (68) just never ceases to amaze me. He is kind of like Bong. He really STUDIES the scriptures. We left him some verses to read in ALMA 13 about the priesthood and he ended up reading the whole chapter. I'm guessing he read it several times, because he was able to tell us the whole story about Melchizedek and why the higher priesthood is named after him. I was just shaking my head in disbelief with this big old grin on my face. I don't think I could even tell you the story of Melchizedek, but he has it memorized. So cool.

Well, story time is over.
I'm still happy
still healthy (mostly)
and still your very own Sister Webre

Rediscover a hunger for the scriptures and a deeper conversion this week!!


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