Happiness is God's Plan For Us

It was a GREAT week!
Mario Villaluz was baptized saturday. He is the sweetest little man ever. (68) We are praying his family will have a change of heart and someday join him! Brother Rolan Cauilan was his baptizer (Rolan was just baptized last week--he is the father of my favorite family) It was really neat, they are both part of the same town and they are the "pioneer mormons" there. We are slowly going to convert their whole little town called "Amulungan". We are teaching a ton of people there. A lot of them are progressing too! No missionaries have ever been there before us because its a neighborhood thats sort of in the boonies. Its soo exciting!

My companion is super talented in sketching. She drew the design for our district T-shirt. Isn't it cool!! Try to find me on the front if you can!
I'll try to write more next week!
I love you all so much!

Remember the plan is happiness, and we get to choose!

sister webre


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