Happy 24th of July!

Hi everyone. I am happy. I am well.
The Cauilan baptism was great.
We have started teaching Ferdinand (Bong Bong) and Babet (their two oldest children)
This is the miracle of the week. Ferdinand told his parents they could all get baptized but he would not be joining them. But because of the big changes he has seen in his family, mostly how happy they are, and how now they pray together and things like that, he now wants to be baptized too.
This has seriously been my deepest desire, and though I believe that Bong Bong would someday join his family, I didn't expect it to happen while I was still around!
I just cannot express the joy and gratitude I feel! It is truly a miracle.

Many other things happened this week, but I have no more time.
We went to the rice fields to catch frogs this morning. We use these long wood poles with string and snail tied to the end. I guess the frogs were all sleeping because it wasn't very successful, we only got one frog and it was tiny.
Luckily, our investigators had caught a bunch of frogs yesterday, so we ended up just eating those. We were in charge of killing and skinning the frogs.

Have a wonderful week.
Love you all!

sister webre


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