Happy 4th of July

We had a baptism!
John Aquino(24) was baptized on July 2nd.
The cool part was that his baptizer was Renato Olimon, who was just baptized also a few weeks ago. (remember, my first convert here in this ward was Reymond, and he baptized Renato) So the way things are going, John will probably be the baptizer for our next baptism. (which is the Cauilan family) Stinkin SWEET right?
Its a really good feeling when the members praise us and think we are super missionaries because we always have a ton of investigators at church, and baptisms, and most of them are PRIESTHOOD. But of course, we're not doing it for their praise, we're just so happy that the Lord is blessing us so much. I've never been so happy.

Remember Olivar? He said he is NOT cutting his hair, and our bishop thinks he is part of a cult. It made me feel really bad when he said that. I thought-- Don't you dare judge our investigators, you don't know them! I feel like all of our investigators are my children or something. I teach them, nurture them, sometimes help them get ready for church, and I think about them constantly and pray for them. I don't like it when others aren't nice to them, or risk offending them! But no, actually, he was right, we need to find out more about his background and make sure that he understands this is a lifetime commitment and he won't fall away if he gets baptized. I just love him, and feel like he is totally sincere.

We are teaching the sweetest old man. He is 68 (okay,not THAT old. don't take offense grandma :) ) and his wife died 3 years ago but his kids are still young. ( 18 is the youngest) Anyway we LOVE their family and they all have the same amazing smile. But Mario (the dad) he is totally prepared to receive the gospel. He came to church his second time yesterday all on his own. And every time we teach him, he is totally prepared, he reads the book of mormon and then he will tell us about what he read and he is always spot on. Last night he was struggling a little bit to tell us something, and then he pulled out a piece of paper and started to read. He had written in big, somewhat sloppy writing, a summary from what he read in the bom assignment we gave him. It was so cute, we were just like is this real? Its too good to be true. But I'm starting to just expect miracles because they are happening every day.

Well, My time is far gone.
Love you heaps and bunches.
Have a good one!
Sister Webre loves you!


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