The worth of souls is GREAT


Sounds like it has been a crazy week with a lot of exciting stuff happening, And we're just as busy here on the other side of the world.
We have nine investigators with baptismal dates for the coming month and we are teaching three families that are progressing!
I am just constantly on a roller coaster of highs and lows. Like, we're sitting in sacrament meeting, and only 3 of 10 expected investigators have shown up. I keep looking to the doors but they aren't there. It's time for the sacrament and they're still not there. I'm crushed, I'm just feeeling so bad inside. And then Bishop gets my attention from the stand and points out the doors, indicating that someone is waiting out in the hall. Its the other seven!! They ALL came, they were just a little late. Now I'm just beaming, my heart is so full of love and gratitude it is ready to burst. And that is my life. Everyday. That is the life of a missionary. Constant and ever-alternating highs and lows, but the Lord is truly guiding us to the souls He has prepared. We are so blessed.

One of our favorite investigators right now, we will call him Olivar, has long hair (as in longer than mine) and if you saw him you would probably be very intimidated, but he is seriously so sweet and he always reads the assignments and follows everything we teach him. He works in the Bukid (rice fields) everyday from sun up to sun down. In fact when we did our activity planting the rice, he was the one who arranged for us to go there.

Anyway, he has a crazy background, he used to be apart of some organization and he got stabbed like 7 times and lived through it. We asked president Carlos if he has to cut his hair to get baptized and he said its not a requirement. We are teaching the Law of Chastity to him later tonight and we're just gonna bring it up gently and see if he is willing to cut it. I think his hair looks awesome, but it would sure be amazing to see such a huge change of appearance. Though the change on the inside is what matters most, and that's what he is doing!!!

We had an amazing lesson with him last week when we taught the Word of Wisdom. He's gonna have a rough time giving up cigarettes but he is totally willing. He has used everything on the list before, but has given most of it up already.
Anyway, during our lesson it started to rain like crazy and it was SUPER loud on their tin roof. We had to sit way close together and speak really loud, but the spirit was so strong we we all cried at the end (including Olivar) when we extended him a baptismal date for August 6 and he accepted it. We love Olivar!!

Well, thats all I have time for, you can pray for my investigators if you want to, they need it!
Have a FABULOUS week
sister webre


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