The Weekly

Last night I ate frog. It was good. Tasted like chicken :) The only other weird things I've eaten so far are chicken feet and snail. I've played it pretty safe so far I'd say. One of our investigators said he would find me a good snake and invite us for dinner soon.

We had the baptism of Renato and Mercedes saturday. It was great. One of the coolest parts is that Reymond (our Recent convert whom we baptized in May) was their baptizer!! How sweet is that??

The Cauilan family is still doing good. They all came to church yesterday. (except Ferdinand and Elizabeth) It took a lot of faith for them because Ronald (the dad) was not feeling well at all. They still came!

We're teaching a new family -- The Villaluz family. We like them a lot. They are the ones that fed me frog. Two of the kids came to church and we have only taught them twice!

Last but not least, We got to experience planting in the rice fields. I can't imagine doing that for a living, that's a hard life. But Its fun to try just for a couple hours. Mud is always guaranteed fun right? We also got to ride the Caribou, I've been wanted to do that FOREVER. It was totally awesome. I know you are all jealous. Maybe some time you should come to the Philippines and I'll introduce you to my friends and we'll all ride an caribou and eat frog and snail. Its a deal.

Have a good week and don't forget to smile!!

Love sister Webre


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