Hi mommy
It was a good week.
The Cauilan family came to church yesterday. They had a side car put on their mortorcylce just so they could bring all their kids to church. Even though they are poor! Thats faith! We asked dad last night about his smoking and he said he is now only smoking 3 sticks a day. (It was ten last week) So, he's totally gonna quit that stuff all together real soon. we gave them a baptismal goal date for July 23.
As for his two oldest kids, one of them (Elizabeth) came to the lesson on friday night, but Frederick still hides from us. We have plans to visit them later today because they work right here in the market. You can run, but you can't hide Frederick! Sooner or later you're gonna join your family! Haha, just kidding. But seriously, it's true.
I'm not even worried about it. This family is gold.

We had to laugh when one of our investigators declared (in sunday school class) that God doesn't appear to man in our day and what was this we were teaching about Jospeph Smith seeing God and Jesus? It was funny because this is one of our most progressing investigators, and he is getting baptized in two weeks. We were kind of scratching our heads thinking...where did we go wrong? We have taught him already about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, but maybe it just didn't sink in the first time. Anyway, don't worry, we got it all sorted out and he believes. Renato is really cool because if something doesn't make sense he says it, and sometimes he has a lot of questions and even doubts, but as soon as we teach the principle especially from the scriptures, he always believes real easy.

We have another really cool investigator that we've been teaching only about two weeks. His name is Jhune Domingo but he goes by Jong. He is 35 and has two kids ages 13 and 10. His wife is working in a different country right now. He lives in one of the boonies of our area (the same place where the Cauilans live) but he has a tricycle and so its a pretty sweet deal because he always gives us rides for free. I think it is because he saw us walking back once in the hot sun and he felt bad. Its a REALLY long walk. When we first really started to talk to him before we taught the first lesson I used the "Don't you just feel like there is something missing in your life?" line, and he said "Yes, I really do." Then he agreed to let us help him find out how to fill that gap and what the purpose of his life was. He told us he wants to join this church. He must have told his neighbors too because even they were telling us--"he wants to be a mormon, that one"
We really like Jhune and we are excited to teach him.
Yesterday he asked us what things we can't drink/eat. Most of the time when people ask us this question it is because they are really considering investigating the church and they know they will need to follow those things. So we just smiled really big and said we would talk about it next time. I'm pretty sure he does everything in the word of wisdom, but it wont be a problem for him to give it all up because of his desire.

I'll keep you updated!
Enjoy the cold while it lasts!
Tell the Grandmas not to worry, I've been getting their Dear Elders!
I will keep praying for Grandpa!

Love you all
keep fighting Satan
sister webre

The cute boys were at the FHE we had at with the Cauilan family. In the ward here, they like to have FHE at progressing investigators houses, where the whole ward (usually about 20 people) gather with the family at their home and show them how FHE is done. Its usually a lot of fun and they play a lot of games. The video is one of the games they played.
We had these Jersey's made for our district. Pretty cool huh.
We have been doing a lot of service projects lately, mostly for members and consisting of WEEDING. The pits! But hey, that's REAL service right?



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