Cauilan Family

Sorry, this is gonna be REALLY short.
Last monday we went to this mini museum here in town and it was pretty lame, but for a missionary it was a great time! Those are some of the pictures we took.
Also glad to hear you are feeding the missionaries! I wonder if they will ever get sister missionaries in Brigham?

Carrot shakes are quite delicious. And nutritious. You should give it a try. I know you would like it mom.

The Cauilan family is stilling doing good! We visited "Bong Bong" (thats his nickname) last week and he came to the lesson last wednesday! We were so thrilled. He still is not very excited about listening to us, but we have hope that with time he will follow the example of his family. I love this family sooooo much. They've got my heart on a string, literally, like they didn't come to church yesterday and I just about died from heartbreak. Later we found out they had a legit reason, their baby was really sick. Anyway, We have a baptism this coming saturday. I will send you pictures next week. It is Renato Olimon and Mercedes Valdez. They are awesome! (of course) They are both widows (Is there a different term for males?) and super strong.

This week is transfers. We are REALLY hoping that there will be no transfer, but we don't know for sure. They better not transfer me because we still have to baptize the Cauilan family!!!

Well, you got a longer e-mail that you expected. Love you bunches!
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