Halelujah, amen!


My Transfers are fast approaching. My feeling is....I'm gonna get transfered. I've been here in this area almost 6 months now and with my same companion for 4. I love my area and my companion. We are having TONS of success here, and it will be super hard to leave. We'll find out next week!

 A few nights ago we were sharing with a member about being thankful and she pointed out how usually our prayers have only about 2 or 3 "I'm grateful for's" and then about 10 or more lines of asking for blessings. Yeah! It's true! And once in awhile I try doing the prayer like Elder Bednar said-- with total thanksgiving and no asking in return. --It's HARD! I always want to ask for stuff.
Anyway, the word is, BE MORE GRATEFUL!

We are teaching an investigator that came from the Born Again religion. She always surprises us with a random "AMEN" or "HALELUJAH!" when she feels the spirit when we are teaching her. I always have to exert super-human powers to hide my smile. But hey, why don't we do that in our church anyway? A few extra amens and halelujahs never hurt anyone! ;) Actually, this investigator now has a baptismal date for next month! She is doing great and she is getting used to how boring it is at church. Ha!

We had a special training last week and we found out about the changes they have made in the missionary curriculum. They have changed what they do at the MTC and specifically for new missionary training in the field. Extra study time and they get a portable DVD player to watch the Preach My Gospel DVD's. Doesn't that just rock?! I think it's stinkin' cool. Too bad my mission is almost over. I could have been a good missionary with this new training system. ;)

I got TONS of mail on thursday. It was the most I have gotten at one time in a LONG time. Thanks to Brent, Remington, Grandma, McKell, Heather, Mark Ensign, a member from my first area-- JR, and my Trainer-- Sister Valdoz. I'll try to write each of you soon! And thanks also to my family, who email me faithfully each week.
Love you all SOOO much.
Have a FAVULOUS week!
We have every reason to smile, every minute of every day because WE HAVE THE TRUTH!
sister webre

I don't have any new pictures, so I sent this old one. Does it look familiar? This is me and Esperanza cauilan and their cutest baby- Riza.


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