The Highlights

It's been a good week.
This is what happened:
Robert San Jose got baptized.
We met Cherry, a mother of two young children,  who was totally excited to find out that there is another book of scripture and is way excited to study it.
I gained a new perspective on red lights. (It used to annoy me to have to stop and wait for a red light in traffic, but now I've realized what a great opportunity it is to have that time to share the gospel with our tricycle driver)
We went to Roxas this week for exchanges, it's neat how much you LEARN by teaching.
Played some volleyball and basketball. (Just this morning)
I got Grandma Halladays letter with 10 dollars in it! Woohoo! (Thanks grandma)
Well I guess those were the highlights.
The family we are teaching is giving us a hard time. They don't like coming to church yet very much, and sometimes aren't very good about reading the book of mormon. But I know they'll come around.
Keep praying for us.
Thank you all so much!
The church is true!
This is a great and marvelous work!
Keep fighting
I love you
sister webre


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