Happy Halloween

They do celebrate Halloween here but not the way we do it in the states. Their Halloween is called "All saints day" or "Fiesta of the dead" and everybody goes to the cemetary and they clean up around the graves of their dead. They also paint on the tombstones and they light candles and they bring food and stuff. I'll send you pictures next week.
There are a few people who dress up in costumes I guess, but only if there is a special party. They don't wear costumes to the cemetary.
I got the Sorensen's package this week, thank you so much! I was seriously WAY excited when I saw that it was just stuffed with fruit leather and the sugared almonds! You guys ROCK!! Thanks for thinking of me. Happy Halloween!
This week we did exchanges in the very farthest area north in our mission. I think one of the best parts of being the sisters trainer is that I get to spend time with each sister and get to know their story. I ask them how they were converted and why they decided to serve a mission. One of the sisters we split with last week is Indian and another is Pakistani. Way cool, right? Yeah, they didn't get to learn tagalog in the MTC because they just came here to the MTC in Manila. I admire them SOO much for serving missions. They are both really struggling with the language, but they still just talk to everyone, they aren't scared at all or shy because they cant speak the language very well. They have such sweet testimonies and a strong desire to serve.
Another sister we did splits with was converted about 4 years ago. She told us that before she got baptized she was a chain smoker/alchoholic who loved her coffee. It was so sweet to hear her story.

I told my companion this week in our weekly planning session that I generally feel really stressed out all the time and I constantly think and worry a lot. Sometimes it is hard for me to feel peace because I'm always evaluating and finding everything I am lacking or doing wrong or all the negative things that happen. 
So I made a new goal to BE MORE POSITIVE and MORE GRATEFUL. It is hard to do. But I think I am slowly changing my mindset and I am able to feel more peace and realize that my service is accepted by the Lord, even though it isn't perfect. That is really the beauty of the atonement isn't it? Our efforts will never be enough, we need Christ's grace to lift us the rest of the way.
It is wonderful to take some time at the end of the day and just ponder on all the blessings I have been given and the tender mercies of the day. I like to think about my blessing as much as possible through out the entire days activities because you know its true,  a grateful heart is a happy heart!!
We are still just working hard, studying like crazy and teaching filipinos every day. It's still really hot most of the time but sometimes it rains. I like that. Except for when it rains on sunday morning. I always just want to cry when it rains on sunday morning because almost NO ONE comes to church, not even members.
And on sunny sundays, we have to bolt to the door way as soon as the amen of the closing prayer is said because everybody tries to LEAVE after sacrament meeting. We just stand at the exit of the chapel and shake everyones hands and tell them there are two more hours before church is over. I just want to hold my arms out and block their way and say"NO YOU CANT GO HOME YET! IT'S NOT OVER!" Haha...
I told sister certicio that it would be ideal if it was sunny weather until 10 minutes before sacrament meeting ends. Then let the rain pour so that people are stuck inside! Hahaha! Just joking but kindof serious at the same time.
Well........Its time to get going.
sister webre


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