This week we totally celebrated halloween as you can see from my pictures. Don't we look great?
Actually I was bummed because we never actually got a chance to hang out at the cemetary. Halloween here is kind of like memorial day for us except that they actually take food and stuff to the cemetary and have a fiesta. I took some pictures so you can see what their cemetaries look like. Some of the graves are stacked like 7 high. It's crazy. 
I included a picture of a hand out that sister carlos gave us a while ago. You should try doing it, it is really really cool. When we pray with specific questions and then search for the answers in the scriptures, we will find them!! It is the miracle of revelation and a testimony of God's love!
Sister Carlos (mission presidents wife) called us friday morning and said she wanted to work with us. It was awesome. I love it when she comes with us because even though she has to speak english, her testimony is so strong and it always brings the spirit so powerfully. Even if they can't understand everything she says, they've got to FEEL something in their hearts when she testifies. It's also neat to have her with us to testify, because she is a convert so she can relate to these investigators having once been one herself. 
She took a picture of us teaching Nico, who will be baptized on the 19 of this month. She also took a picture of us at a members store. They sell BBQ at night and it is super good. We eat there every once in a while. 
I have adjusted to the GO-GO-GO schedule and am usually not tired anymore if I drink plenty of water.
So....the work is going fine. We are focusing on working with our branch members and leaders right now. We have been feeling like we're on different teams and so we are really trying to create unity and coordinate effectively with them to make the work progress much better!
It's awesome!

Have a fabulous week!
I love you!
Be good!
Sister webre


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