There is Sunshine in my Soul Today!


AAaaaahhhhh the Brigham Temple looks so awesome! Like you can totally see what its really going to look like already! I am soo pumped to go there!
Nicholas's e-mail was fantastic! I have been inspired by his example. I know he truly gave all on his mission and that's what I want to do.
I truly have learned the value of hard work. Hard work is....well....hard work. Its not easy, especially when its 100 degrees all the time and you never get any rest except 8 hours of sleep every night that feels more like 2 seconds. I have always been a worker on the mission, but especially now, I have never worked harder.
If there is one thing that Sister Villamor learns from me, I want it to be that because even if you dont see any results or get any baptisms, you can still find great joy and satisfaction in knowing that you truly gave it all and there was nothing left you could give.
However, baptisms usually do follow when we do what is required! We have witnessed that this past week!
We have been praying to find FAMILIES that are prepared to recieve the gospel, and the Lord answered our prayers.
The Cauilan family (7 kids) is definitely prepared, and the mom and Dad came to church last week. They had a good experience and  said they will be coming back again.
We met several other couples, mostly with one or two small children that we have started teaching, and we are excited to see how they will progress.
I am so grateful to be able to see the fruits of our labors and see the lives that are changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our recent convert Reymond Agustin is going to the temple tomorrow with the ward and we are so excited for him!! He was only baptized just two weeks ago! Its a ten hour bus ride for the members here to get to the temple.

It is like an oven here now, but rainy season has just started and most nights it rains. Last tuesday we were teaching our last lesson around 8:30 pm and the rain started. By the time we finished it was POURING and we were about a mile from home. We waited until 930 but it was still coming down really hard so we decided just to brave it. (But secretly I wanted to run around and dance in it! HA!) The streets were flooded and when we reached our little village we were sloshing through about a foot of water. To make things even more exciting, the power went out in the process. It was awesome. Sister Villamor said she felt like we were in some horror movie. Ha!

After the flood there was an earthquake. It was nothing really, but we definitely felt it. Only lasted about a minute. We were sitting on the couch doing nightly planning. Its a very strange sensation when the earth is moving underneath and around you, you feel so helpless and vulnerable.

Sister Villamor is a super awesome missionary, and probably one of my favorite companions so far. Even though I'm technically training her, I don't feel like I've done much "training" because she came trained and I think she was born to be a missionary. She is a great teacher and also willing to work hard.

Don't go and worry or anything but they say another typhun is headed our way this week

Well I guess thats it,
love you!
Be good!

Sister Webre

The pictures are from the service project we did earlier at an elementary school. I pulled a lot of weeds! Good times!


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