The party is over

I have about 5 minutes to write, sorry!
Nothing too exciting happened this week other than the fact that sharing the gospel is always exciting!!
This week we will get to watch the Jubilee celebration on broadcast. Its the celebration of the missionaries being 50 years now in the Philippines. Members of the church all over the philippines (mostly youth) spend months preparing dances and stuff and its a really special occasion. It might even be on tv. you should check it out. It should at least be on the net.  So that will be fun.

Our apartment is cockroach infested!! And they are no small cockroaches either! So enjoy your clean houses and your pure water! But its all worth it to be able to bring souls unto Christ. YEAH!

Most of the pictures are from Magat Dam. I have been to this place before but we went again because its fairly close and it has mountains!
Well sorry this is so short but everyone is waiting for me.
Love you all and have a fantastic week full of happiness and well doing!

Maging Malakas!
Conquer Satan!
Alma 38

sister webre


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