Miracles Happen!

Well, the storm took a different course, and all we felt was just a little rain. So I don't have to experience the month of no power or water again....yet!
One interesting thing I learned about the storms here is that they name them each year in order of the alphabet. The last storm was called Chedeng, so we know it is the third storm of the year. Kinda cool huh? Not sure who gets the honor of choosing the name but anyway, The typhoon that hit us last October was Juan so that means it was the 10th big storm of the year. But obviously they are happening in other parts of the Philippines too.

So we had 7 investigators at church yesterday. We are most excited about this family I was telling you about. The Cauilan family. The dad came with his daughter yesterday, but the older kids were working and mom stayed home with the younger kids. But they are definitely interested and we really feel like they are prepared. The biggest problem will probably be dads addiction to cigarettes and their oldest child (Ferdinand 19) who isn't so crazy about this "mormon" thing. He also still wants to stick to their old religion. Actually, this family is former "Iglesia ni Cristo" do they have that church in America? Its pretty intense. You have to do like a 60 day trial and come to church straight for so long and then take a test and all this crazy stuff before you can join the church. So you can imagine, once they become a member, you know they're pretty solid. Anyway this family became inactive because they moved and anyway, now they are learning the teachings of the restored gospel in Christ's true and only church.

Last week they asked us about tithing because they didn't believe that 10% is required. That was a teaching in the old testament, but when Jesus came, He said that we should all just give according to the desires of our heart, etc. no set amount.
We taught tithing to them last Friday and it was a great lesson. I didn't say anything brilliant, but my companion rocked it and the spirit testified to them that the law of tithing is true and they need to live this law. Actually, the dad told us that they used to be really well off, they had a really big house and their bakery business was booming. He said that each Sunday he would go to church and give a very small offering and eventually the success of his business died out and now they are poor again. He said, it was probably because he wasn't paying a "full tithe". They totally accepted it and were able to see that it really is true. It was a mini miracle and when we walked out of their house I was just thanking the Lord.

Speaking of miracles, me and my companion have been talking about faith a lot recently and we decided that we need more of it. Sometimes in this work, you just get used to rejection and you almost start to expect it, but we decided we will never lower our expectations. We expect miracles to happen because this is a great and marvelous work and our faith matters!!
3 Nephi 7:18

Well, I'll be praying for grandpa this week! I'm sure everything will be okay.
Me and sister Villamor decided to do companionship exercise to motivate each other to get it done!  It was pretty funny this morning. We used our blue missionary health guide and the stretchy band they give you in the MTC. (Ive had that thing for almost a year now and never before opened it. today was its debut!) You defintely would have gotten a good laugh out of watching us, we were quite the sight. But we are gonna exercise for reals every morning now so Im excited.

hugs and kisses
Conquer satan
sister webre


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