Greetings from the OVEN of the world

This was the local Jubilee celebration (Church being in the PHILS 50 years)  for the area I am serving in. The dances and costumes were all AMAZING. And we loved it so much! The youth spent months preparing all the dances, there were probably at least 15 different dances with new costumes for each one. Amazing!

Hey, hey, hey, its monday again. Cool.

They call it preparation day for a reason. You know they don't call it "take a rest" day.
Anyway, it has been another great week!
Here is the low down on the investigators

Brother Olimon came to church his first time yesterday. He actually lives just across the street. We've taught him about 3 times and he keeps asking us what he needs to do to be baptized in this church. HA! He is so cool! He sells vegetables and snacks and rice toppings for a living, just drives them around on his bicycle. He is gold! Not sure his exact age but he is somewhere in his 60s Id say.

One quick funny story. We were supposed to teach one investigator but his friend told us we couldn't go over to teach him because they had a visitor. Well we dropped by anyway that night before we went home just to remind him about church the next day. We couldn't see any extra family or friends around and so we asked him if he had a visitor or could we teach him a quick lesson?
Come to find out the "visitor" is a statue of the virgin Mary and they pass it from home to home and pray to it each night at 6pm. Each family keeps it for a couple of days. We were like "Oh....really? .......Um....Ok..." It was really funny and awkward. But they said that for some reason it didn't get passed to them and they wouldn't get it until monday.
This is the same investigator that always commits to come to church but never shows.
We asked him why he didn't come last week and he said he had to work but then later he told us he HAS been going to church......the CATHOLIC church. Ha! So no worries, he's been going to church after all. Just not our church. Sometimes we forget to specify which church when we commit them to go to church on sunday. Silly, silly. 
It was a funny night. Lots of little things like that happened.

Anyway I'll tell you more next week. Gotta run!
Love you tons!

Take care!
Sister Webre


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