Be Ye Separate

I am SUPER excited for conference!!! It is so cool to be a missionary and teach people about the restoration and tell them we have a living prophet and they can go to the church in a week and listen to what he has to say to us today! SWEET!

Yes, I got transferred. I am in Santiago zone now. My area is Rizal ward 1. Actually my and my companion sister Tadifa are opening this area technically. This is what happened. There was only one set of missionaries for two wards here in Rizal and they transferred the one sister and put three more of us in, the two of us are the new missionaries for ward one and the third became the companion of the missionary that was already here. So she was able to help us and show us where our investigators live and stuff but it will still be a little bit of a challenge since the both of us still don't know the area and members and stuff very well. BUT!
It is unbelievably supportive to missionary work. Let me just tell you how our coordination meeting went yesterday.

We actually have a Ward mission leader (I've never worked with one before because there never is one) and he totally organized the whole meeting. He recorded everything in a notebook and he had assignments that he gave out last week that he followed up on. "Sister Sharon, did you visit Brenda (investigator) last week?" And they had treats for who ever completed their "assignments". Just imagine, the members visiting the investigators WITHOUT the missionaries. That is true fellowshipping right there. It was incredible!
There was an activity on Saturday so we didn't have a member work with us, and when we were reporting our work for that day the bishop said "who was working with you? There was no member with you? Why not?" He turns to the council, "Who could have worked with them Saturday? Repent!" 
I'll tell you it was so unreal. I was just standing there in the front getting all teary eyed because of the overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the work.  The members are just totally on it. They are just as busy as everyone else in the world, but they totally take part in missionary work and I can tell its going to be so fun working with them!

I think we have a dinner appointment every night this week.

So I was wondering if you could send me also in a dear elder (so i dont have to spend money on printing!) the following talks
-Quench not the spirit which quickens the inner man -Elder Keith K. Hilbig (october 2007 conference)
-10 gifts to bring home from your mission -President Hinckley
-Elder Hollands talk from the last october conference about faith and something (forgot the title)

You should read the one by Elder Keith K. Hilbig, it ROCKS! He tells us that there is a price that we have to pay to enjoy the gifts of the spirit. Its not money, of course, but its the price of personal investment in spiritual things.
And I have a scripture I read this week and thought was cool. Alma 5:57 "Come ye out from the wicked and BE YE SEPARATE"
As latter day saints we should be "separate" not in a snobbish or self righteous way, but as in, we are different, we are distinguishably separate in that we don't follow with the ways of the world.

So have a great week everybody and be ye separate!!

Love Sister Webre!

p.s. Fight Satan
p.p.s. Ever heard of the book "behind the veil"? You should check it out, it sounds good.

my apartment
That furry critter also found its way into our appartment
We ate at this cute place called francos cafe. They have delicious pizza (rare here) and cake (love the chocolate in sister stewarts teeth)
We had to do a quick photo shoot because we found this amazing spot with the corn and the hand carts!!
That pic with all the missionaries is my zone right now. the first one, I was still running to my spot. I thought it was actually a cool picture!


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