It's Jenny's Birthday! Write her a letter!

Brookes letter was one of the highlights of my week! It was pretty long too. (hence the shout out) I don't know what made you decide to write me Brooke but thanks a mil! It was really fun because your personality came right through and it just made me laugh and miss you.
Well, the wildlife is fantastic here, I'm really enjoying all the different bugs and things. Its cool to see people riding on the carabou with the big ol horns. Someone recently told me that God numbers all of His creations, and I bet thats true, even down to every mosquito.
Well I guess maybe I'll say something about my investigators before I sign off because they are AWESOME!
The beautiful family you see before you in my attachments is the Subac family. Arent they so adorable!? dimples!  We have only been teaching Madeline (the mom) because Dad is always gone, but by some MIRACLE their whole family came to church yesterday. It was seriously a miracle. I was super weepy for like the first 15 minutes of sacrament meeting after i saw them walk in and sit down. Madeline is so cool, she is so teachable even though she is really smart. The gospel just makes sense to her and she wants her whole family to be able to get baptized with her. (makes sense) Her husbands work only allows him every other weekend home so that makes it real difficult to teach him, but we might try to find some missionaries where he stays to teach him.
Then we have Sister Delores Deguzman (early sixties) and two of her daughters. She is our golden investigator. Delores has come to church for a month straight now and she is gung ho. She ALWAYS reads in the book of mormon, in fact she keeps all of the committments we give her, including stopping her coffee. I remember the first time we taught her, she had all these questions about tithing and all these other things, but she totally agreed with all the doctrines we shared. We left that lesson saying "That was SO COOL."
Her daughter are way cool too, they totally have desires to learn and apply the gospel, but they haven't come to church yet. We have tried like 3 times to give a baptismal date to sister deguzman but she wants to know EVERYTHING about the gospel before she joins. Hopefully we can help her realize that she might not ever feel like she knows everything, she needs to rely on faith, and the spiritual confirmations she has recieved of what she already knows.
Sister Deguzman is super talkative so that is fun in lessons but also can be bad when its hard to get away and we have another appointment.
The last one I will tell you about is Brother DelaCruz (69 yrs old). He is also a fan of the book of mormon. The first time we visited him, we gave him the lesson one pamphlet and he said he couldn't see to read and didn\t have reading glasses.  he asked me if I had any (which by miracle I did--i bought them for this very reason, often we ask people to read in lessons and they can't because they have no glasses)  He asked if he could have them so he could read the pamphlet. Have--not borrow. So we made a deal. He could have my glasses if he would read the whole pamphlet. So I gave him my glasses. Heck, I would buy reading glasses for the whole world if they would read the book of mormon.
It really makes all the difference, those who really read and those that dont! In our third lesson with him, he just went off about how the Book of Mormon is like a manual for our life. He said "You know when you buy something like a camera or tv, it comes with a manual so that you know how to use it and what to do...etc....Well this book is like the manual for our lives, it tells us what to do and how to return to our Father in Heaven"  We were all kinda stunned and my companions and I looked at each other with big grins on our faces. And we told him he was exactly right, spot on! Brilliant. Thanks for the sweet anology Brother Delacruz. We are teaching his wife too, but she's more catholic than he is. We taught word of wisdom last week and she drinks 4-5 cups of coffee a day, so that's probably not gonna go away tomorrow.
They were supposed to come to church last week, but he is still feeling really weak and cant walk without help because he had a stroke recently. I think he would be fine, but he is scared of falling and not being able to sit long and stuff. So we'll keep praying for him and try again next week.
I almost forgot to tell you another highlight of my week. Brother DelaCruz's smile. Oh my goodness, it is the most heart warming thing I have ever seen. I had never really seen him smile before our latest appointment with him and It was super precious. Because of his stroke, its totally crooked and onesided and its just the best. Sorry, no picture yet. YOu just have to imagine. 
Well I hope you have a great week!
Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes, Im sure it will be my happiest ever!
Fight Satan!
--Sister Webre
The picture of the sunset is taken from the street where I live. I'll send some more vids and pics next week, I just barely saw that request.


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