Only in the Philippines

Hey, so I have pretty much zero time today to write you because I had to organize a mess of pictures, but just know that I love you and that I had a super awesome week and I'm just loving sharing the restored gospel with this great people!
Just a few things
I got my hair cut earlier by this guy who was definitely on the feminine side. (The ones who cut hair the best here are all gay) He cut off way more than I was wanting, but I like it. It wont be so hard to manage now and hopefully not quite so hot.
I had washed my hair earlier and just put it up in a bun still wet, without combing through it. Then when they got to it, it was the biggest tangly mess EVER. I felt like Mia on princess diaries when they transform her into a princess and he is brushing through her bushy mane and his brush breaks. I was laughing so much inside and just waiting for his comb to snap.
We tried to contact a few of our referrals this morning and so this one tricycle driver was just driving us around the whole time for like an hour he helped us. It was unreal though, like he would drive to a place and jump off his motor and starting asking people where this person lived and then he would get back on his motor and drive us somewhere else. He was totally dedicated to us! Then, when we found one of the families homes, he took the lead to ask them when this specific person would be home that we wanted to meet and could we please get their cell phone number so we could contact them later, and they should really listen to our message, etc. etc. We were just like who is this guy??? He is AWESOME! Before we were able to find our last referral, he got a flat tire! So we had to get a different tricycle, it was sad. So we got his info and we invited him to church and he said "sure I'll come to church. You invited me, I'll come! No one ever invited me before!"
Our new favorite phrase is "only in the philippines". Even filipinos say it. It started to be funny when last week we were clothes shopping in the market and this lady was just super persistent, with every article of clothing we looked at. "only in the philippines. you buy now!" "only in the philippines, you buy now!" Like the broken down shack house that says  "this house is NOT for sale". Love it.
I'm probably getting transferred this week, so I'm saying goodbye to cauayan city. Goodbye to frequent visits to the mission home. Goodbye to all of my beautiful investigators and recent converts and my companions and all of the amazing members in this branch.
Most of the pictures I sent that have other people you dont recognize, they are all members of branch 2 cauayan. (my current branch)
We did have a baptism. Those two little cutie heads. It was also a part member family that we helped re-activate.

The lady in the red that I'm sorta  hugging is Chudora Andres. I will miss her SO much. She is the semi-crazy/hilarious member that we reactivated and is die hard tithe payer.
The four of us in McDonalds! We are all in the same tiny little apartment! The one on my right is my companion, Sister Tadifa
The one with the little garden is right outside our apartment, we actually have a little corner with a tree and some pretty little plants! Im so excited!

During our nightly planning, suddenly sister stewart gasped and said "oh my gosh", she was looking over towards the door and I just knew it was a giant spider. Sister Martinez and I both look over and saw instead a giant toad. Once again, we don't know how on earth that thing got in there, but it was HUGE. We considered the best way to get it out and figured we could sweep it into the bucket and throw it out. We all got kinda freaked out though, when it started jumping as soon as it got in the bucket. Haha!


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