My Week

Hello family,
 As far as the earthquake/tsunami goes, we didn't feel anything over here. There was a warning for tsunami, but thankfully that didn't reach us either! It's great to be a latter-day saint and know that we dont have to fear if we do what is right.

Hey I really like what you said about happiness. (Or, I guess, what Bryce said in his lesson)  It is totally a choice, and Its always good to be reminded that!
I for one, choose to be happy!
Actually I was totally talking about this in a lesson last week. None of us would choose to be sad, I mean that is just silly. If given the choice to be sad or happy we would all choose happy! But the thing we sometimes forget is that WE make that choice through our decisions. And when we don't do what is right or do wrong, when we go against the commandments, we are really choosing to be sad. The trick is that sometimes the sadness doesn't come immediately, so we don't always connect the dots.

Just in case you were wondering.... I am HAPPY!! I am SOOO happy.
Oh yeah, you probably want to hear about my birthday. We celebrated by going to a funeral! No joke! They asked me to play the piano. A birthday I will never forget!
The guy that died was like 80 I think and he was albino. He is way cool and actually has been a member only just under a year.
I know I really should have had a big party at my apartment and cooked for everyone, but I don't think that would have worked very well, so Vilma threw a party for me.
Vilma is one the of the coolest people ever. We had it last night and it was really fun, all of the single adults were there, the AP's and the zone leaders. Vilma is so sweet, she made this GIANT card and had a bunch of people in the ward sign a little note, as well as all the couples in the mission.
Well, little update on my
Brother Dela Cruz bailed on us again and he didn't come to church the little stinker. But his wife came and SO many people knew her. LIke every other person greeted her and knew who she was and they were so happy and suprised to see her there. I was going YES YES YES! She has so many friends already in the church--automatic support system! Still praying for her husband!
Madeline is doing good. She came to church again will her 5 kids, even though her husband was out of town this week at his work. They also came to piano lessons saturday night and her two oldest kids (11 and 13) picked everything up really fast. IT was super fun teaching them. Then we watched the testaments.
That was our third week teaching piano and I think we will keep doing it every week with the movie afterward. We haven't had a great attendance so far, but they just now announced it in church and everyone was super excited about it. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to be able to teach them all at the same time in one hour (all of them at different levels)  when there is one piano and they don't have pianos at home to practice on.
Did I tell you about Claudio and Nora Balangatan? They are cool too. We met them a couple weeks ago and they came to watch the testaments on saturday. They really liked it and they thought the church was pretty too. Sister Nora, I don't know if she was born this way or if there was an accident, but she only has her thumb and pointer fingers on both fingers They are the ones with all the kids in the born again church. They go to church with them but we keep trying to get them to come with us just once so they can really feel the spirit and see for themselves how it is! We have been focusing on the book of mormon and their testimony of Joseph Smith. We committed them to pray again on our last visit. Once they get a testimony of that, I think they will
Well it wont be the most quality lessons, but at least its something and its free!
Have a great week!! It is time for me to go!
Love you all!
Fight Satan
Sister Webre
We roasted marshmallows this week on candlesticks when our power went out
Tip: When you boil your eggs, an hour is probably a little too long 
The food Vilma cooked
We also went over to the Mission Home and Sister Carlos made me a delicious butter delicious bunt cake on thursday. It was AWESOME! I am definitely spoiled.


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