maraming nakakatawang mga bagay!

This week was pretty awesome,
A lot of funny stuff happened.

So we have a prayer, hymn, and spiritual thought every time we start class each day. These are written on little papers that rotate around from missionary to missionary as well as the teacher. (Each of our names are written on a pouch on the wall) So I said last week I said "we should keep putting the prayer slip into the teacher pouch every time we start class with the teacher and see if they notice". Well of course the Elders loved that idea, so even though I was half joking and would have never gone through with it, they ran with the idea. That tends to happen a lot. I need to be more careful about what I say!

So anyway, it's been a funny joke this week and I think Brother Slade finally caught on saturday but I couldn't tell for sure. He didn't say anything.

Then Elder Heninger (District leader) messed up the computer in our classroom somehow and it wouln't work at all. He was getting a lot of crap for it and then the next day there was a note on his desk. It said he should report immediately to A101 to recieve counseling on the misuse of computers. It was signed by "Cameron Johnston, IT manager, MTC campus" He thought it was a joke, but the teacher told him he had better go. Well he was getting really nervous because (he later told us this) he had e-mailed someone that wasn't a member of his family the week before and thought somehow maybe they found out and he was gonna get sent home or something.

Turns out someone in my district wrote the note to be funny and the people in the IT office didn't think it was. Pranks are really discouraged here. But we all still got a good laugh out of it. Probably mostly because it happened to Elder Heninger.

I guess Elder Heninger was feeling like it was his duty to spread the prank love because he got the sisters and I pretty good that night. Morgan, our progressive investigator totally stood us up at our appointment that day. We hadn't heard anything from him, but that night there was a note on the board that said "Morgan had something come up today. Pray that he will be prepared for baptism and prepare to teach him at your next appointment. Try harder to keep the spirit in your lessons though." We were really concerned about the last part in particular because the spirit is particularly strong whenever we teach Morgan. After a couple minutes of distress, All the Elders bust out laughing and tell us that they added that last line onto the note. It was not cool. After they said that I could tell that the handwriting was different though. Those stinkers!

So that night I felt that the Elders only deserved a little something in return. Something simple and harmless of course. I came up with the idea to rush into the room and tell them we had just seen a general authority. So we went into the room and there were only 4 elders in there. Elder Heninger was among them. Perfect! I say in the most urgent and serious tone I can muster, "We just saw Elder Nelson, just outside of 1M, I bet you can catch him if you go now!" You should have seen their faces. It was priceless! Elder Heninger just bolts and Elder Andrews follows. We didn't let them get too far before we broke the news. We said NO more pranks though.

Elder Burton is the funniest EVER. He's the one who looks really young. Last week we got to host the new missionaries and it was super fun. I think it was during lunch, Elder burton flipped his tag over (so it is just blank and black) and he has the red dork dot stored there as well. He goes up to some new missionaries and says "How did you get your name on your badge" the responding elder is confused--"...I don't know it just came like this...." Then Elder Burton voices deep concerns about his blank name badge. Funny stuff.

Gotta go! love ya tons!!!!!

More in my snail mail!

I got my flight plans!!



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