dito sa pilipinas

Hello my family,

I feel like a celebrity here. Everyone stares at me and tries to talk to me in English. "Hi", "Hello", "How are you?". Everyone comes to me like I'm a magnet when we stop in the street to talk to someone. People honk at me when they drive by. Everyone says I am beautiful. It is funny. I wish I could talk to them.

Well, the Journey was long. The bus ride did not feel as long as it was. I was able to sleep pretty well. (Thanks to a sweet filipino sister missionary who insisted I use her shoulder) But I am still drowning in jet lag. I don't know what it is, but I am extremely tired ALL of the time. Especially around 7 or 8 O clock, my body just shuts down and since I don't say very much in the lessons and I don't understand very much and its just SO hot, I start to doze. It is not good. Hopefully I will adjust quickly to the time zone and heat.

We went to the MTC in Manilla when we first arrived. We picked up 9 missionaries there who rode to Cauayan with us. They told us we could go to the temple because we had about 4 hours before we had to leave. I WAS SO STOKED. But they didn't mean we could do a session. They just meant we could go over and walk around the grounds. I was so sad. Maybe on the way back.

It is a beautiful country here. There are lots of rice fields in my area. Everything is beautiful and green. Some houses are nicer than others. Ours is actually a lot better than I was expecting. I will include some pics for you. We have a porcelain toilet but it doesn't flush. Actually it does, I just have to pour a big bucket of water in it and it flushes it. Weird. Also, there is no shower. My first shower was rather humbling. We have these scoopers (like a big plastic bowl with a handle). I fill a bigger bucket with water and just scoop water out of there onto myself. Pretty fun stuff. The water is cold but not very and it feels good after the initial scoop because I'm so hot.
I'm continuously sticky. my face, my neck, everywhere. I'm already getting used to it.

My companion is so sweet. She is Filipino. She has been 11 months in the field. Sher is 24. Her name is Sister Valdoz. She speaks English very well, so I am grateful for that, and she is very patient with me. She is a hard worker and she likes to sing too! She cooks for me and cleans my dishes and lets me take naps after lunch! But I'm starting to recover so I am trying to do my share now.

It took us nearly 3 hours to do laundry this morning. That is a LOT! I didn't even realize it until i had finished. It didn't feel that long. And I didn't even wash a full weeks worth of laundry! My hands got really tired though. I have to scrub and wring everything out three times because I rinse, wash, then rinse again. But it's still better than doing laundry at the MTC. :)

I have been able to play the piano TONS since I have arrived. I played for transfer meeting, for church, at a youth activity, (which no one showed up to, so we waited for an hour and I played piano the whole time) for choir practice, and for our district to sing in zone conference on Wednesday. The pianos are pretty decent too. One was a nice digital, the other just reg and old, but in tune pretty well. I have been blessed.

We have been eating rice. Rice and egg, rice and sausage, rice and "meat loaf". There was no food at the apartment when I arrived so we've just been scrimping until we could shop today. Hopefully we can get some fruits and vegetables, that's what i want! But I really like rice too. It's such a great food, it goes with everything so nicely.

I got some bites on my legs, quite a few. I'm not sure what they are, maybe mosquitos? And there are little ants everywhere. One day I came home for the night and they were all over my desk and crawling up the wall. It was weird. It doesn't bother me, It's just annoying. All part of the adventure :)

And there is a pack of dogs outside our house that get set off every once in a while and they bark like mad for about 10 seconds. (while we are sleeping)

Our neighbors slaughtered their pig this morning while we were doing laundry. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever heard. I'm glad I couldn't see it.

It has been a very difficult adjustment. The first two days with my companion were very hard for me. I don't understand much and I can speak less. But I know if I am patient and work hard that it will come. I have the mantle. The lord has called and he will qualify me.
Well I think it is time to go. Thank you for your prayers. keep praying and writing.

I love you and miss you.

Much love, Sister Webre


parkermoffat said...

My Google Alerts just brought up this blog! My little brother is serving in the Cauayan Mission right now. He is a ZL somewhere. Elder Moffat. Maybe you guys know each other?

Heather Webre (The First) said...

Jenny has actually never even seen her own blog. Haha... but I will ask her if she knows Elder Moffat in my next letter :) Thanks.

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