Mahal Ko Kayo

First I just want to say I love you. (mahal ko kayo)

You are the best.

Second, we are learning some games that I can't wait to bring to FHE!!! So be excited.

Heather is really really good at writing me and telling me all of the sweet sweet happenings in brigham city. It sounds like everybody decided to throw seven parties every day and all of my friends are now home from their missions and hanging out with my sister! Thanks for the updates sis.

Just kidding Heather, I really appreciate your letters. And I missed you more than ever this week.

We got the packages! I didn't get mine until tuesday and I didn't know about the other girls until monday night, so sorry I couldn't tell you they got here alright.

Thank you SO MUCH for giving me lots and lots of junk food and making sure i get really fat. I hope someday I can repay the favor. I would ask you to send me something healthy to snack on, but by the time it gets here, I'll only have a week and a half left!! How crazy is that?

The bad news is that none of those shirts fit me because I'm too fat. Actually the baggy pink one fits. That's all. I'm sorry for all your dilligent shopping efforts in vain. Pero mahal ko kayo and salamat.

Maybe they will have some sweet blouses in the philippines and I will be so glad that I didn't bring so many lame american ones.

But seriously, sister Jackson and Vaipulu were really grateful to get your packages, and Sister Viapulu just barely heard from her family. (after three weeeks) They expressed how awesome you are and I said "I know she is. She is my favorite." And my companions always say "Probably Aunt Betty", whenever I get a package slip! It's funny. Aunt Betty you are going to heaven!

Just a little side note: On dear elder, there is a place you can choose to have the letter e-mailed to ME and there is a place you can have it e-mailed to YOU, for confirmation. I think some people might be a little confused about that. Dear Elder doesn't work on weekends, so there's always a small famine for letters on those days.

We did initiatories this morning and one of the names, Sophia Rauer, was born in 1680! I was so happy that after 320 years her temple work was finally being done. That is a long time to wait. I love to read the names and think of the celebrations that are going on the other side of the veil for these special people. My testimony is strengthened that we are all the family of God and I have such great love for these women that I don't even know.

Temples are so amazing! Gods plan for us is brilliant beyond understanding.

I saw the picture renduring of the BC temple. It looks way sweet!

I love you all. I'm so happy to be a missionary. I miss you and pray for you.

Remember "fear makes moutnains out of molehills but faith makes molehills out of mountains". Try an experiment and you'll see this is true!

I have gained so much here at the MTC and not just pounds either!

-Sister WEbre


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