Be Committed

So, I came up with two little motto's or slogans that I want to use for the rest of my mission and life.

They are: Be commited and Be contagious.

I decided that I've had a problem my whole life because I usually know what I should do but often don't do it and the real issue is just committment! I just need to make that honest inner committment to do the things that I know I should do and then do them! Might sound like a no-brainer probably because it is. But I needed to come to that realization. Someone said this week about how our happiness and light should be so tangible to people that it is contagious. I am COMMITTED to be a better example of Jesus Christ in all that I do, think, and say. Then I won't even have to teach people about the gospel for them to want what I have and know who I represent.

This week Elder Shultz was teaching us and he told us that the wicked Jesus killed for us. I hope I don't say anything like that in the field! All it takes is switching the word order and there is disaster!

My favorite teacher. Sister Fotu is leaving our class. There are too many new teachers and she has to go team up with one of them for a new district coming in. I am still sad about it, but I know she will bless their lives SO much, so I feel okay about it.

Saturday night we had a scavenger hunt thing for class and for one of the tasks we had to look up certain scriptures and write down the fourth or third word etc. in the verses. Well we didn't realize we were supposed to use the tagalog scriptures so we went to Mos 2:29 in english which reads "And moreover, I say unto you that I have caused that ye should assemble yourselves together, that i might declare unto you that i can no longer be you teacher". We were wondering if it was some kind of sad joke that she picked that scripture. She came in to check on us and we were all depressed like. She noticed that we were using english scriptures and told us it was in tagalog. Then we told her the verse she had picked (she didn't realize what the verse was) and how confused we were. She just laughed so hard and we all laughed together at the irony. Funny to me, probably not so funny to you. sorry.

So I was reading my patriarchal blessing and I just noticed again how many times it mentions service in there. like every other sentence. It is cool. It reminded me again that it's not about me! Ever! Well, it is, but not like I think it is. Anyway it says "you will be able to retain and use the information which you gain in the service of others". I thought that was a WAY sweet promise that I never really understood before. If I study and work for myself, I wont learn as much or be able to retain and use the things I gain. BUT, if the work and study I do is in the service of others, that is when I will truly be able to retain and use those things forever.

I have a new goal to read my PB at least once every week.

Will you all read your PB's at least once every week? I know that if you do this, your purpose in life will be renewed to you and you will have a greater ability to follow the covenants which you have made and recieve the promised blessings. We humans forget things very quickly and we must have constant reminders and repitition!!

There are SIX new sisters coming into the zone on wednesday! Hooray! Then we will have 11 sisters in the zone! That gives me a LOT more responsibility but I don't mind. It will be a good opportunity for me. Two of them are coming to my mission so that's pretty cool.

I have memorized the first vision in tagalog. Its pretty sweeeet. I'm going to share it in our teaching appointment this thursday. I'm so excited, you have no idea!

I got cinnamon rolls from Aunt Betty on Wednesday and Donuts from Kristen on thursday. Probably the best donuts I have ever had in my life!

The Helquists are on a roll! Thank you all SO much!!

If you haven't checked out you should go there. Watch the video clips on peoples profiles they are really cool.

Remember! Never let your faith be difficult to detect.

I love you all so much! Thanks for your prayers and your love.

_Sister Webre


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