First Journal Entry

Journal Entry:  6/28/10
Well, here I am, it's P-Day.  I have literally had no time whatsoever to write in my journal until now.  I entered the MTC on Wednesday, the 23rd.  I feel that I have been here weeks instead of days, and I feel awfully worn out, but I love every minute of this stuff.  Some really neat experiences yesterday -- it was an emotional and spiritual night, and that's a huge understatement.
At the nightly Sunday fireside our speaker introduced us to the website that will belaunching the 7th of July.  It is going to be absolutely incredible, powerful, unstoppable in it's influence and ability to assist in God's great work.  As they showed us some clips and profiles of members on the site, telling their stories, I was filled with the spirit until I was fit to burst.  I know this is going to be a monumental milestone for the Church, and I am so excited.  Brother Allen told us that God gave us the internet for missionary work.  His purposes for bringing about the internet were to take the gospel to the world.  Now it will be done like never before.  I don't think there is anything more exciting or thrilling than missionar work.  Certainly nothing of more worth.  Brother Allen said that they have done research, extensive research for two years about people who were not interested in the church or religion in general and found a common interest among these people.  What was it?  PEOPLE.  They love people.  So will have thousands upon thousands of real profiles of real people telling about them, their interests, and most importantly, that they are "mormon". will be advertised on billboards, busses, radio, TV, internet, everywhere.  The church is really going to great lengths to get it advertised.  I felt such an amazing power as we watched the clips and looked at a couple profiles.  I thought of the standard of truth and just thought how almighty our Godis.  A marvelous work and a wonder is coming froth among the children of men.
After the fireside, our district leader shared a strory with us.  He shared the story of a friend he had who's dad had been killed.  This friend was the right age and desired strongly to go on a mission, but could not because his mom had cancer, and he had to drive her to her chemo appointments.  Well Elder Crowley got super emotional while he was telling this story...He said it made him think how easy it is to be a missionary..."I have two healthy parents and 5 great siblings."  How blessed we are. It was just a really touching experience.  I feel that our district has grown very close.  I want to give them all hugs but I can't (frowny face).
So it's really amazing here at the mTC.  One of my favorite things is just walking around the buildings or outside and hearing so many different languages.  We are all encouraged to SYL (speak your own language) as much as and whenever possible.  So we say "Hello" Kumusta, to someone and they answer back in Russian or whatever else.  Or we will contact someone and bear our testimonies in tagalog and they will answer our questions in the language they are learning.  This MTC is just such a unique and wonderful place.  I know God is here and that He works miracles here everyday through the Holy Ghost.
Sister Rather, a teacher subbing for ours, said something powerful about the people in the philippines and our duty.  "You promised these people you would find them.  If you are worthy of the spirit you will - if you are not, you will pass them on the street and not recognize them."  I do believe we had a bond and a special relationship with those people we'll be teaching, and we told them we WOULD find them.  I hope I will be worhty enough to recognize them.  I will work as hard as I can, they are my brothers and sisters!
One sister bore her testimony to us in Japanese or something, and the translation was beautiful.  I loved her message - "I'm from America, but God has sent me here to find you and tell you that He is your Heavenly Father and He loves you.  He wants you to follow His sons's example and be baptized so you can live with Him forever.  Will you be baptized?"  For some reason that just REALLY touched me.


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