Life is good!

Our new district came in this week. It was weird seeing them go through all the stuff I had to go through when I first came in. I felt bad for them and I was so grateful that I am not in their shoes right now. I hope I can help them through this first big adjustment.
There are two new sisters. They are awesome. They are having some big problems with their companionship though. It makes me SO grateful for my companions. I am trying to help them understand and work out differences. Really the only thing to do is talk to each other heart to heart. So that is what I told them and I hope they can work it out.

So Elder Burton is the Elder in the picture who looks like he is 14 years old. He is so hilarious. He does and says the most random things everyday and I just laugh so hard. The first week I mentioned something to him like "are you really 19?" or something, just joking around with him. He said "No, my parents thought this was EFY. They dropped me off and so now I guess I just have to stay here." You had to have been there but it was hilarious. He said he ran for student body and on his posters he had an old lady talking to a student and a talking bubble that said "pish posh, vote for josh". He's just that kind of kid. The kind that doesn't even try to be funny, he just is.

I'm really glad he is in my zone.

Also, Tanner Jennings is in my zone! At first I couldn't remember who he was, I just knew he looked really familiar, and then it all clilcked. He is a good kid.
We have a district gym day where we play together. This week it was four square. I like foursquare. It reminds me of Becca and my first semester in Rexburg. Good times. Anyway you can save people if you want to. You can hit the ball for them if they can't or don't reach it. But if you decide to save someone and it goes badly then it's on you. You're out and not them. So in a way, you sacrifice yourself for them sometimes. There is this Elder in my zone who really tries my patience. He is just a goof ball and he acts as if the world revolves around him most the time. I still love him, but its true, this is how he acts. Anyway, I could have saved him one time in four square but I didn't do it. I didn't save him, not because he is not my favorite person, but because I still haven't grasped the concept of hitting the ball if it didn't bounce in my square. He gave me a lot of flack for not saving him and I was thinking, well even if I did think to hit the ball for him, would I have done it? Even though he is such a stinker?

Then I thought of the Savior. His sacrifice was for EVERYONE. He desires all to come to him and he suffered for those who will never accept him. He suffered for the ones who mock him and don't believe in him. He suffered for the people that kill and steal and don't do good things.

It just really hit me that the Savior, He didn't pick and choose to save only those that loved him, only those who He knew would be humble and good. He suffered for all, even the most rebellious. So infinite and perfect is His love for us!

So that's what we do at the MTC, we make everything into an analogy for the gospel. It's fun!

A shout out for Mandy! She has written me almost every day so far. Not even kidding!

Happy Birthday Heather, I wish I could celebrate with you!

I have so many blessings and I keep getting more!!

The old coordinating sister gave me a memory foam pillow when she left. It has been passed through 5 CS's. It is the BOMB. I need one of those things when I get home!!

Have a happy week.

Don't forget to pray!


Sister WEbre


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