Has it Already been a WEEK?

Hey everybody!!

P-days are supposed to be a day to prepare and catch your breath, at least that's my impression, but they are always the most stressful for me. I am writing like a mad person to try and get all my letters done and laundry and everything else! It is insane. But it is good to be busy.

This week was wonderful. Yesterday our devotional was Jenny Oaks Baker (Elder Oaks daughter) She plays violin professionally and put on a very beautiful fireside. I miss music! Elder Oaks was there too! We had Sister Elaine Dalton come speak to us last week. She is a wonderful lady.

I also saw the music and the spoken word sunday morning. It was AMAZING. I was so grateful for those 30 short minutes. Heather, I forgot to tell you this, but you gotta watch it. See if mom recorded it because I know you're bound to LOVE at least two of the songs. I think I just miss music ALOT. It is so powerful and brings the spirit so strong.

There are also the most amazing musical numbers before each fireside and a lot of other meetings. There are so many talented people at the MTC.

So a typical day here goes about like this:
Wake up at 6:30 (or 6 if you want to shower)
At seven you have to be out of the residence hall
700 is breakfast for us
Then we usually have class twice a day with our two different teachers for 3 hours each time
Lunch is 1130
We get a three hour block to do personal, companion, and language study
Dinner is at 430 (don't know if I'll ever get used to that. I am never hungry. I usually eat cold cereal)
We start planning the next day from 900 to 925 and then we close with a song and prayer with our district.

So that is it in a nutshell. The order of things switches around sometimes. We have devotionals on tuesday and sunday nights and they are always SUPER good.

Thursday is our day for TRC. That is where volunteers can come in and we contact and teach them. But if you come and volunteer I wont be teaching you because we only teach people who speak tagalog. Next week we have to teach in Tagalog!! It is going to be so crazy. There is no way we can do it but I know we will. That is what is so crazy about this whole missionary thing. It seems so hard and so impossible, yet there is a way. I'm so grateful for my Savior. He truly does save me every day!

My favorite district in my zone is leaving today. It is really sad. There are three samoans in that zone and they are so AWESOME. They are so random and hilarious and I love them. It's weird how much older than us they seem when they are really the same age. It's weird to think that we will probably seem old to the newbies coming in this week. Speeking of which, I am officially the new coordinating sister. I get to take care of the sisters in the zone, do their interviews and go to meetings and report stuff. I get to help give the newbies a tour and show them how to do companionship inventory and a whole bunch of good stuff. It will be fun.

I got to play the piano for sacrament meeting and another meeting. IT was GREAT! I miss piano.

So they are changing the dress code for sisters. Has anyone heard about that? Yeah, so those hideous pictures in the book they send you with your call that are about 3 decades old---they are getting rid of those and putting in new, stylish ones. The best news is that we don't have to wear nylons! WOOHOOOOOO! We are partying about that one.

Have you ever played Kings court volleyball? It is my new favorite. I played it at gym this week and it is SUPER fun with a lot of poeple. If you don't know how to play, google it! It is way sweet.

The church is true! Don't stop believin and don't stop the love. (letters/prayers)

I love you

Sister Webre


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