About the Empty Sea (MTC)

There are 5 girls in our room, and it's pretty tiny. We each get a closet barely big enough to hang the few clothes I brought, and it's bunk beds. I'll send a pic next week.

Everything indoors is air-conditioned and FREEZING!! It's lovely outside though we only get to be outdoors during gym time for 45 mins and walking to and from residence halls, meals and class. I'll tell you about a typical day next week. So yeah I just wear jackets and sweaters all day because I'm indoors most the time. Then I just look a little silly walking from class to lunch in a sweater when it's 90 degrees outside. But who cares anyway?
We have gym in the middle of the day usually - it varies. I's kinda strange, we just come to our residence halls, change into gym clothes and go to the field at our scheduled time. I mean, I prefer to work out either in the morning or at night, but whatevs. Wedon't really work out, we just throw a frisbee or play ladder golf. They have bocce ball and croquet too! It felt super weird that first time leaving the MTC confines and crossing the street to the fields. I felt like an escapee!

Also we have dinner at 4:30. That's been pretty different getting used to as well, but I'm adjusting. Other zones go later; maybe we'll switch in a while? I think the food is mostly pretty masarap (delicious). There are lots of choices, and I don't feel like I have been overeating either! I have really enjoyed the soups and salads. They have donuts every morning tempting me so badly, but I usually resist. Donuts = death.

We can't listen to music at all here. At least not our own, so take your time sending that CD to me mom. The elders were out of control today. Sometimes I just want to wring their little necks! But they are usually so good to the sisters. Except at meal time. They are supposed to have sisters go in front of them, but they never do :-) Oh, Elders.

My companins and I decided that our first names are like our secret identity. I didn't even know my companions' first names til yesterday, and it felt weird asking. Honestly, at the rate things are going I'm pretty sure we'll be ready for the field in 4 weeks instead of nine. I can't believe how much we have already learned. It's amazing! I love it. D & C 82:10 - test the Lord! Study His words and pray to Him, Test the Lord. Magnify your callings! Test the Lord!!! Love you lots. Time to sleep. Maganda umaga (beautiful night) Yours, Sister Webre


Onhech said...

Oh the Empty Sea :)

They changed mission presidents at the MTC since I was there, they used to allow some music. And we didn't get doughnuts for breakfast. :(

The MTC is like a half-way house. You take teenage boys off of Girls, Music, and video games and then put them in a little 10 by 10 cement room for 12 hours giveing them three all-you-can-eat-buffets a day and your going to get some wonky stuff going on.

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