Life is Good

I got sick last wednesday. I had a fever of about 102. It was sweet though, because thursday is the day we usually do splits and I go with sister fort but instead we just stayed at the apartment, I was way behind on my journal and i had the wholeday to catch up. I really think it was actually an answer to prayer. I'm still not really back to normal yet, but when your a missionary you just go to work. So Friday it was back to routine. I'm hoping my weakness of body will leave soon!
K, I'll try to say something spiritual and uplifting now...
Actually on wednesday when I was starting to feel sick we hadn't left our apartment yet and I reallly didn't want to work. But we had some really important appointments and so I just said a little prayer that Heavenly Father would help me feel better, help me make it through the day and be happy.  And you know what, He did. My body was doing the hot/cold thing and my head really hurt, but we were still able to teach 5 lessons and they turned out really well.
I was thinking though, you know, often we pray and ask God to take away our problems and sometimes he does, but He often doesn't. Why? Because we would not learn and we would not gain knowledge and experience if He took all our problems and hurt away everytime we asked.
But He does give us strength. He does help us overcome every trial and He always makes us strong enough to beat it when we ask Him.
I know that is true and I'm grateful for a God with perfect wisdom who lets me experience trial and hardship so that I can develop my character and become like Him.
Have a good week.
Be good.
Love, Sister Webre
p.s. sorry no pictures again, this computer is being weird.


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