For God so loved the world

Well transfers came and went and I have a new companion AGAIN! But the good news is my old one decided to hang around. So yeah, I'm in another threesome. Pretty sweet. Actually it has been great so far. I waited so long to get an american companion and now I have two! Sister Martinez is from California and she is super adorable. I'm pretty sure the three of us will get along just fine except for the fact that the attention we attract has never been greater or more unwelcome! Ha!  Well we just laugh about it. Sister Martinez has only been in the philippines for about a month (one cycle) so of course she is really struggling with the language.
It's weird that I'm not that person anymore. I'm still not fluent and somedays are better than others but I really can get along just fine now as far as the language goes. I'm not really sure when it happened, because it was so hard to detect any sort of consistent progression while I was going through those first months. All I know is that somewhere a long the line I stopped pulling my hair out, crying my eyes red, and making my knees sore because I couldn't speak the language. 
Anyway, I'm excited to start having consistent language study again, because I still have a ton to learn. Language study time often gets the shaft because we have so much else we want to do.
Technically, Sister Stewart and I are follow up training Sister Martinez so thats kind of cool! I still feel pretty new in the mission and yet like I have been here forever.
Happy Valentines day and happy birthday to Jill! I never liked Valentines day very much, but I figured the mission might be my favorite place to celebrate it. I decided to make my own scripture chain on the topic of love just for fun in my personal study today. I wish I had brought the references... Anyway I was thinking about how I have really never felt love before like I have felt it here on the mission. Since I have this time to dedicate all my time and energies to serving others, I have really been able to develop a special love for people, especially those we teach, for the people I serve with and the leaders who serve me. Its interesting to see how the byproduct of service is always love. Whether you are the recipient or the instigator, love is felt on both parts.  I don't think there is any kind of love that is more real or more pure than the love I feel for those investigators except for the love Jesus demonstrated in His life and atonement.
It makes sense that our Lord Jesus Christ has a love that is unmeasurable, because the service and sacrifice that he made for others was greater and deeper than any other person who ever lived or will live. And we have yet to feel the greatest measure of that love. But as we learn of Him and His atonement, and follow in His footsteps, and as we strive to develop His attributes we can feel and understand more and more that love because we will understand who He really is and what He really did for us.
1 Nephi 19:9 " And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him and he suffereth it; and they smite him and he suffereth it, because of his kindness and his long-suffereing towards the children of men"
Just like the song, I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me.
I only hope I can be more selfless and less selfish as I serve in this calling so that I can be a better mirror of His love.
We watched the testaments at the church for an activity and I realized I haven't seen that movie forever. Probably not since I watched it the first time on temple square. Anyway, it is amazing of course and totally powerful. Jesus is real! Too bad none of our investigators came. We'll have to do it again.
Our baptism on saturday went well! Many of our other investigators are progressing and it is so fun to see them realize the blessing in their lives as they learn the gospel and make changes in their lives. Its not easy for them, but as they do it, they know it is true!

Basically I love most everything about the Philippines and don't miss much about home except you all. (just a little bit ;)
More next time.
Love you still
Fight Satan!
-Sister Webre


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